10 Tips To FIX Your Leash Walking Training (For Dogs That Pull)

How to Train Your Dog to Be Perfectly Obedient

Dog obedience training can be perfectly done with advice and instruction from professional dog trainers. You can as well acquire relevant knowledge on how to train your dog to be obedient by carrying out independent research. There are countless training materials that come in different formats such as videos and books among other resources. Also, a vast pull of training information is found online to help you train your beloved dog to be obedient. Remember, though it might take a long time to fully understand the training process, the results are worth the patience.

Dog’s Healthy Diet: How to Make a Homemade Dog Food?

Canine companions have been around since our early history. Dogs are companions, help protect us and guard us and even work for us. Our pets are often considered part of the family and usually take on human quirks and traits.

Dog Training Fundamentals

As an experienced dog owner, new dog owner, or potential dog owner, you have probably already put some thought into training your pet. For many of us, few experiences are quite as annoying as being pestered by an untrained dog. Without training, dogs engage in a variety of unwanted behaviours from toileting on the carpet to barking incessantly at guests. Whether you currently have problems with your dog’s behaviour or you want to avoid potential problems, training is an important aspect of being a responsible owner. But where do you start?

Golden Retriever Training – Is It Really Necessary?

Have you ever seen a misbehaving Golden Retriever? They aren’t common, and because of their naturally happy-go-lucky and loving demeanor, a lot of people including new dog owners mistakenly believe this is just how the breed is naturally and therefore they don’t need to worry about training. The reality is that all of those well-behaved adorable Retrievers were trained, that’s why they are so well-behaved!

Dogs Aggressive With Other Dogs

Dog dominance aggression (generally) is simple to spot, but frequently is tricky to handle. A lot of so-called trainers aren’t experts in dog behaviors, much less dog aggression, so it is often hard to locate somebody that might be able to help you with your troubles.

Dogs Surviving In The Wild

When I first heard people talking about “Rescue Dogs” I actually thought that they were talking about dogs that worked for the fire and rescue service or something like that and that the dogs were helping to rescue people trapped in fires or earthquakes. It wasn’t until we took on our first rescue dog, Keegan, that I realized that they were talking about dogs rescued from being stray or being abandoned. Once we had Keegan and she started to regain her health and her strength, we would walk for miles in the Spanish countryside.

Green Lipped Mussel Extract for Dogs – Importance of Using High Grade Natural Extracts

Green lipped mussel extract for dogs is a great way to keep them fit and protects them from degenerative joint diseases according to recent studies. Dogs also suffer from arthritis and other similar diseases associated with joints and experience the same pain and suffering that humans undergo when they are afflicted with joint pain.

Potty Training for Dogs That Works!

Hey everyone, it’s time to teach your new member of the family to be potty trained. There is no age limit to potty train your puppy or dog, the sooner the better. Because puppy’s get fed 3 times a day and drink lots of water and also have a small bladder, they tend to do their business when-ever they want and where-ever they choose to go.

Tips on Housetraining Your Puppy

Instead of scouring the neighborhood for batches of old newspapers, there are certain virtues that you need to develop if you want to housetrain your puppy properly, namely commitment, vigilance, consistency and patience. With these virtues – as well as following the guidelines that we will discuss below – you will be able to lessen and even totally eliminate incidents of soiling accidents inside your home. Always remember that when it comes to dogs, especially puppies, you need to be prepared for several accidents to occur. This comes with the territory of pet ownership.

Bark Control Collars

Bark control collars are an effective method to control nuisance barking. They should not be used for normal behavior or behavior that sounds an alert. Boredom or loneliness are both causes for excessive barking and should be addressed by the dog’s owners. If you can’t spend more time with your dog, then try one of the three major control collars available to curb your dog’s current behavior.

Dog Wash – How Often Should You?

Your pet depends on you to be a responsible owner to keep him or her clean, healthy and happy. It is up to you to choose the right dog shampoo and how often to bathe them. Some determining factors on knowing how often to wash your dog are: the breed, daily activities, and your environment.

Quick Tips to Make Sure Your Best Friend Travels in Style

If your dog is your constant companion make sure they are traveling comfortably. There are a few items that you can use to make it the best ride.

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