A DOGS DESTINY- The Golden Retriever

Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

We often see a lot of people at the park taking their pets for a walk. You would see them engaging in a game of catch, or even just playing around with them. There’s a whole lot of satisfaction to be had when you own a pet dog. They provide a lot of benefits aside from just being guardians of our households. They are actually considered to be one of a human’s best friends, being loyal and dedicated to us in many ways.

Clicker Training Is The Best Way To Teach A Dog New Behavior

Clicker training is one of the very best ways to teach your dog any new behaviors. Dogs respond very well to this type of classical conditioning and learn to respond quickly to the sound of the click if they begin to associate it with a reward.

How To Choose a Quality Dog Crate

Are you looking to purchase a dog crate, but you are unsure the type of crate you need, the size, or the style? We’ll review the different types of dog crates that are available so you can find the right one for your pet.

Dog Ownership

Before you adopt/buy a dog there are a lot of things to consider, dog ownership can be a joyous experience for your whole family. I’ve listed a few of these below with some “food for thought”.

Family Dog Health: Internal Parasites

Internal parasites are a microscopic threat to your family dog’s health. It is impossible to protect your dog from exposure to these parasites but preventative measures can be taken. Knowledge of how they are transmitted, symptoms that they cause, how to prevent and treat them could save your dog’s life.

Four Uncommon Dog Medical Conditions

It’s easy to panic when your dog starts to show symptoms of a medical condition that you haven’t seen before. We will profile four different medical conditions that you might not be aware of, including ‘Mad Itch’ Pseudorabies, Key-Gaskell Syndrome, Shaker Syndrome, and Optic Nerve Swelling.

Keeping Your Mom Protected With a Dog

Are you looking for a dog to protect you or your family? We’ll discuss how to choose the right breed, how to get your home ready for the new family pet, and the right way to train your dog so that the owner becomes the pack leader in the household.

Dogs and Loss – The Healing Power of Pets

In our earlier posts, we’ve talked about dealing with the loss of a dog and how an existing dog senses the loss and how they react. But what about when a family member passes away, does the dog sense this loss as well? If so, how do they handle it?

Dog Shampoo – Man’s Best Friend

DOGS are a man’s best friend. Except for religious restrictions, most people around the globe share this notion. As such, each of us establishes a unique bonding with these creatures. We have seen images of dogs being rescued and saved from typhoons, floods, earthquake and other disasters, as if they were also human beings. When we see video footage of dogs being maltreated, abused or subjected to cruelty, we feel anger and rage, as if what we have witnessed happened to human beings. These examples just show our inexplicable relational connection with them.

Why I Have Mixed Feelings About Dog Clothes

My parents have always been very big on dressing up their Boston Terriers in dog clothes, and I have to admit that on this point, I am hugely conflicted. On one hand, I think they look really cute and it does not seem to bother them one bit that they are wearing them. On the other hand, it is not natural for dogs to wear clothes, and I wonder sometimes, if they could voice their own opinions, what they would have to say on the matter.

How to Spot Arthritis in Your Dog

Arthritis is a common complaint in older adults, but you might be surprised to discover that it is equally common among our four legged friends. Yes, one in five dogs will develop arthritis at some point in their lives.

Nyla Bones – Perfect For Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene

Most Nyla bones are built with soft durable rubbers, bristles, and mint flavors to help the development and growth of dog teeth and gums. The bristles help remove plaques that can cause tooth decay. They also help stimulate dog’s satisfying chew.

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