Overlooked Reasons to Choose A Homemade Dog Food Recipe Vs Processed Food: Part 1

There are many articles that tout the reasons for choosing a homemade recipe over processed dog food. This article examines several overlooked reasons. This is Part 1 of a two-part series.

Can an Electronic Dog Training Collar Help Your Dog?

Our neighbor’s dog was a nightmare until he started training with a remote dog training collar. Now we actually look forward to walking by him each day and he and his owners seem to be much less stressed out.

Tips On Rehoming a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Unfortunately Staffordshire Bull Terriers have gained a bad reputation that will be hard to shift. They often get mistaken for Pit Bull Terriers which are banned in the U.K. I recently visited Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, as my mum was looking to rehome a rescue dog. Sadly the majority of dogs we saw were Staffs or Staffordshire crosses. Their name has now been blackened by the gangs and yobs using them for fighting weapons and gang credibility. The truth is very different from the image they have, as generally they are big softies.

Dog Groomers, Animal Hospitals and More About Pet Care

Keeping a pet is one of the many means of finding joy and recreation in life. One of the most commonly domesticated animals is the dog. To many, these pets mean more than family.

New Puppy After Death Of Dog – Happiness Is Possible Again

When your dog is terminally ill all you want is for him to survive. Each and every day is spent hoping for the best. Sue and her Boxer Amor fought his cancer for six month after he had been diagnosed. When he finally passed away she and her husband swore they would never have a dog again. But after three long month a smile was brought back to them by Kirby, a ten weeks old puppy.

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing (The Wrong Things)

Puppies and dogs chewing our unwanted items can be very frustrating. Here’s some tips on eliminating this destructive behavior.

Why Dogs Need Our Help

The biggest challenge in the UK right now is the growing number of abandoned and dumped dogs. There are many reasons being touted for this explosion of discarded dogs from the economic climate to the disposable society in which we live. I believe the real reason runs far deeper and is far more disturbing because I believe dog owners are choosing to give up on their dogs at the first sign of trouble.

How To Stop Dog Barking With an Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control

Whether you own a troublesome dog that is causing consternation in the neighbourhood with his constant barking, or you live next door to someone that has a dog that insists on barking persistently, help is at hand in the form of the Acquiesce Ultrasonic Bark Controller. The Acquiesce Ultrasonic Bark Controller is a training aid that conditions the dog to stop barking, and is very effective at reducing nuisance barking. When the device is activated it detects the sound of a barking dog and emits a high-pitched sound that both distracts the dog, and offers a level…

Older Dog Life – Musings Of A Golden Retriever Who Feels That He Is Getting On A Bit

Hi there, it’s Sebastian, Your Golden Friend! I would like to tell you a few things about aging as a dog. Yes, we age too, it’s not just you having that problem… And you know what – there is nothing we can do about it! But we can accept it and do it well, can’t we?

How To Crate Train A Puppy – Don’t Forget These Rules!

One of the BIGGEST challenges of owning a puppy is potty training. It’s a huge issue for most dog owners, and if you’re reading this article then I’m sure you’re finding this out the hard way. Am I right? If you’ve done your research, you know that the first step in this process is crate training. Puppies and dogs both like their sleeping quarters to be clean. In the wild, wolves keep their dens impeccably clean, leaving their “houses” to eliminate outside the den. They don’t like to potty where they sleep! Learning how to crate train a puppy is the first step…

Bath Time For Your Dog – 10 Helpful Tips

Is your pooch stinky? Itchy? A canine Pigpen? It’s time for a bath! Here are some tips and suggestions for a productive bath time.

Choices in Dog Ramps for Aging Dogs

Dog ramps are perfect for aging dogs. Learn more about your choices in dog ramps.

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