Are You Struggling With Your Dog Training? Fix THIS First!

Sarcoptic Mange: It Can Affect ANY Dog!

Mange is a common problem among dogs, but many pet owners believe that mange is related only to dirty or neglected dogs, such as those in shelters or on the streets. The truth is that even your pampered, well cared for pet, can get mange. Luckily the mites that cause mange (sarcoptic mites) can be safely and easily eliminated.

Why It May Take a Dog Treadmill To Help An Overweight Dog Lose Weight

Do you have a dog who needs to get in shape or lose some weight? Don’t despair if your efforts at proper diet and exercise have not been getting you the results they need. You may just need some reinforcements in the exercise department, such as a dog treadmill which makes it easier to set a faster pace and get longer periods of exercise. Read on for more information on why a dog treadmill may be a life saver for your pet.

Pet Safety in the Car or Truck

No one likes to leave their pet at home alone, so naturally taking them with us is common place these days. However, we must be very cautious when allowing them to ride freely in our car or truck. To keep both you and your pet safe while on the road, follow these tips:

Training Your Dog and Staying Stress Free

Everyone loves the idea of having a dog as a member of the family. They have so much to offer and make wonderful companions. What many people do not realize and take into consideration when they first decide to get a dog is how much work really needs to go into having a dog.

Puppy Training Classes to Help You With Your Pet

Now that you have made a new addition to your family with a pet puppy, you both need to get used to the new settings, surroundings and occurrences that will be in the house. It is important for you to establish rules of behavior and boundaries as soon as possible for your puppy and make sure they are followed by everyone in the house.

Tips for Training Your Puppy

Having a dog as part of the family can be a wonderful experience for everyone. It gives all in the house another member to love and have fun with. It can also help to teach your children about responsibility and caring for another creature.

Important Steps in Successful Dog Training

Whether you have had a dog for a couple of years or just got a new puppy, perhaps the most important thing you can do with him is to train him properly. Dogs need to have the guidance that comes along with proper training to help them not only lead a successful life but to be a good companion to you and your family.

Learning All About Puppy Training

Your kids have finally worn you down. After months and months of asking, wishing, hoping and nagging, you finally broke down, went to a breeder and picked out a puppy for your home. Now that you have him home, do you know what to do with him? It is not just the basics of caring for his needs that you must learn and get into the routine of performing.

Training Your Dog Makes You Both Happy

If you do or have ever owned a pet before, you likely know that having a dog in your home can be an incredibly rewarding experience. They can be a friend to you like no other and immediately become a loving part of your family. Once you have a dog, there are certain responsibilities you will need to maintain in order for things to hold together in a happy relationship.

Dog Training Tips to Help You

If you have just gotten a dog for the first time, you may have no clue exactly as to where to start in teaching him proper behavior. You can listen to the advice of friends, read lots of books and even look things up on the Internet, but you may find conflicting information on some things that work and some that do not.

Crate Training Your Puppy – Read More About It

Once you have made the choice to bring a new puppy into your family’s life, there are many responsibilities that go along with this choice. Of course there are the basics of providing food, shelter and any medical care that the puppy may need over time. You also need to remember that dogs do not just instinctively know how they should behave in your home.

Is Your Pet Trying to Warn You?

I’m sure that everyone has heard stories of a pet sensing cancer, epileptic seizures or even when a diabetic needs their insulin shot. How many lives have a dog or cat saved? Well, I don’t know for certain, but I do know of one life personally.

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