Asking your dog to SIT can confuse your dog! #shorts

Understanding the Different Barks of a Dog

Anybody who owns a dog knows that dogs do not bark for just one reason only. They bark for different reasons. They bark out of excitement. They bark out of boredom. They bark when they sense danger. They bark when they are anxious about something. It is important that you understand these types of barks. This tells you what you are up against and whether you should be concerned or not.

How To Choose The Best Dog Bed For Your Dog

A how to article about what to look for when shopping for a quality dog bed. Things to look for include construction, size, breed needs, shape, special needs for elderly or diseased dogs, colors, care and cleaning.

The Best Way to Deal With Difficult, Impossible, and Disobedient Dogs

Your pet dog behaves badly most of the time, ignoring your commands and basically doing as he pleases. Don’t give up on your pet! There is a positive, no punishment, and effective process to re-train your canine!

Canine Influenza – Is There Such A Thing?

Canine influenza is generally not a stand alone problem. Symptoms similar to influenza in humans tend to accompany other complications according to the breed.

A Legal Overview of Dog Bites

A bite from a dog may seem quite minor, but can lead to serious health complications. A dog bite attorney can help you recover money from the dog’s owner for your medical bills as well as the pain, suffering, and emotional trauma that you experience as the result of being attacked by a dog.

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is In Need Of Teeth Cleaning And Has Periodontal Disease?

Unlike us, dogs don’t have opposable thumbs to help them clamp down on a toothbrush and squeeze out some toothpaste. Even if they did, they probably would do what the average three year old does and pout about it. Since we all know that dogs don’t receive three daily brushes like us, and since our pets love to put things in their mouths that we get queasy about just looking at, we might get concerned that they don’t have healthy teeth and gums.

Aging Dogs – What You Should Know

What you should know about dog aging, is information that can dramatically affect both your dogs later years and your enjoyment of a treasured companion. Unfortunately, your dog is going to age right along with you; somewhat faster, actually.

Training a Jack Russell Terrier

Yes, it is possible to train your Jack Russell Terrier! It is done by the 3 p’s Patience, Perseverance and a Positive attitude It is important in be ‘in control’ of your dog from a young age. Be kind. Once you earn his respect he will want to please you. Always look at your dog when you speak to him. Make sure he understands what you expect of him. And remember rough play will make him aggressive so keep it calm. If he nips even a little let him know it is a serious offense.

Puppy Training and Behavior

Instill good behavior in a puppy through puppy training practices and techniques that will make for a healthier, more adjusted grown up dog. This ensures that your dog can more easily assimilate and benefit from dog day care. Start training your pup today; as you only really have one chance to inspire happy, healthy behavior.

Dog Urine Killing Your Grass? Read This

  You definitely don’t want your dog using the bathroom inside your home. That’s why owners readily take them outside when they see signs that it’s time for Fido to go. Some will become dismayed at the fact that their dog’s urine seems to be killing their grass.

Which Is Best – Kibbles or the Can?

Supermarket aisles are filled with pet food choices and it’s easy to become befuddled by all the options available. Besides, pet lovers should give their pets the best quality foods.

Tips on Choosing a Vet for Your Pet

The relationship between a vet and you and your pet is very important. You need to be able to talk to your vet and have clear lines of communication. You should feel comfortable discussing your pet with your vet. It’s also important that your cat or dog like your vet. Here are some tips to help you choose a good vet for you and your pet.

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