Become a Professional Dog Trainer. Lesson 1 – Terminology

Beneficial Advice To Remember For Buying Dog Whistles

Some of the foremost styles are Herm Sprenger, SportDog and Acme. In terms of price, they can vary from $ 5 to about $ 25 and are not very expensive. They are fundamentally fashioned for obtaining the notice of your dog when they venture away from your vision.

The Proper Way To Think About Dog Aggression – Notes From A Pro Dog Trainer

As a professional dog trainer I’ve specialized over the years in helping people fix dog aggression and working with aggressive dogs. The truth is that most dog trainers won’t deal with this type of behavior problem and those that do are often clueless as to the cause and treatment for dog aggression.

When Is Canine Vomiting and Diarrhea Something Serious?

My dog threw up; is he really sick, or is this just something minor? It is always best to ask your veterinarian this question and let the doctor make the judgment as to if a visit is necessary. Here are some simple at home tests.

Solve Dog Barking Today!

A scientific survey conducted revealed that about 1/3 of dogs bark excessively. For most dog owners, dog barking problems are perhaps the most common that they have to deal with in terms of training their dogs. Why do dogs bark?

How Can I Help My Dog Who Has a Fear of Thunder?

Dogs do not understand what a thunderstorm is, or why they happen, and nearly all dogs will show a fear of thunder when a storm is overhead, whether it is by whining, barking or some other way. However, some have a real phobia about thunderstorms. So what can we do to offer comfort to our pet?

Doggie Clothes for St Patrick’s Day

Dressing your pup up in doggie clothes for St Patrick’s Day is a great way to enjoy the holiday. This is a fun time of the year that’s full of excitement and parties.

How To Find The Best Dog Houses

There are plenty of dog houses available in the market. You have to choose among the best dog houses available to give your pet the home it deserves.

The Best Dog Kennels To Consider

When looking for a place for your dog, make sure that you go for the best dog kennels. After all, your dog deserves nothing but the best.

Top 5 Dog Houses For Sale

Your dog deserves the best. That is why you should look at the top five dog houses available in the market.

Do I Really Need Vaccinations For My Dog?

Since you already buy your dog the best food, get plenty of exercise, and you rarely travel, do you still need to get your dog a vaccination? The answer is yes! They protect against diseases that are highly contagious and could be life threatening. We’ll review all the major illnesses.

Puppies 101

Before you decide to bring your puppy home, there are some important details you need to be aware of. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about training your puppy, the supplies you will need, how to handle housebreaking, grooming, and the visits to your veterinarian.

Puppy Food for the Best Start in Life

Selecting the right puppy food for your pet can be a difficult and confusing process for most new pet owners. Every pet owner wants their beloved furry pet to grow up healthy and strong, and the only way to achieve this development is by putting your pet on the right diet.

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