Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer with Dave van Garderen | Episode 15

Tips on Low Protein Diet for Senior Dogs – Kidneys

While watching a sweet foster dog for a couple of weeks we realized that she was drinking a lot of water, to the point where she was spitting up the water repeatedly. We brought her to the vet for a blood and urine panel to find she had slightly elevated levels in her two kidney readings. Therefore I started researching the best plan for food and a feeding routine. Here is what I learned about diet and feeding routine.

Dog Grooming Scissors – Does One Size Fit All?

There are some dog owners who will take great trouble in grooming their pets. They try and give them a new look every season, try and combine styles and accessories to help them look better, and treat them almost like their own little girl child.

So-Called High Dog Food Ratings

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in the top rated dry dog food that your family pet eats? Most people see the pictures on the front of the top rated dry dog food bags showing choice meat cuts and fresh, whole grains, and just assume that their family dog is eating just as well as the family. However, once you understand what is actually put into the top rated dry dog food, and how it is manufactured, you may think twice about feeding these foods to your furry friend.

The Healthiest Dog Food: Facts About Fido’s Diet Every Dog Owner Should Know

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your dog and feeding him the healthiest dog food possible is at the top of the list. But it takes commitment and knowledge to know what the healthiest dog food is and it rarely comes in a bag or a can. You may be surprised to find out just how many of today’s dog illnesses can be attributed to packaged dog food.

Commercial Flea Control VS Natural Flea Remedies

When are commercial chemical flea and tick concoctions appropriate? When you have severe infestations of fleas or ticks chemical flea treatments should be used. You do need to ask yourself though, why is my dog experiencing severe flea problems?

Ask For All the Information About the Pug Puppy

When people visit a rescue center or answer a breeder’s advertisement for the first time, it is natural to think every pug pup in the litter is the cutest. Nevertheless, people should be aware that “cuteness” is not the only factor to consider in determining which puppy is the right one to take home. You should pay attention to issues like the pug puppies overall playfulness, personality, and willingness to be around their kind and you.

Degenerative Myelopathy Treatment

Has Your Dog been Diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy? Not sure where to turn… There is Hope, for both you and your dog! Discover why thousands of people have turned to the only clinically proven supplement on the market today that slows and reverses damage caused by the unrelenting progression of Degenerative Myelopathy in Your Dog.

Choosing The Right Dog Food Brand For Your Dog With Food Allergies

Picking out just one brand from the many available dog food brands can sometimes be a daunting task for a dog owner. The reality is that just like there are people junk foods, there are several brands of dog food that can be considered junk foods. They will likely have a lot of fillers that hold little to no nutritional value for your dog.

Professional Puppy Training

Your puppy simply refuses to listen. No matter what training techniques and tips you try to implement, Fido continues to have a mind of his own and insists on doing what he wants.

Dealing With Food Aggression In Dogs

There are dogs who have the tendency of having food aggression. Here are some tips that would help you stop your dog from reaching that phase.

10 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Your dog has a history that dates back to ancient times. Here are 10 interesting facts that you should know about dogs.

The Dog Thinker and The Truth

As a dog thinker, I “experience” what a dog thinks, without being a dog. This may seem strange, but it is possible, absorbing, and challenging.

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