Belgian Malinois Genetics – Health, Looks, Drives With Tasha Mesina EP 97

Aiding Your Pet’s Fitness For Mobility

Even when total rehabilitation is not possible, you want your injured pets to rebound as quickly as possible. And when their mobility is affected, whether, it is an issue of age or not, you still want them to enjoy a measure of independence for as long as possible. This is when the use of mobility aids such as dog wheelchairs may come in handy.

Got a Pup That Runs From the Tub?

Bath time doesn’t have to be a rough experience for you or your pup. Check out or top 5 tips for making your pup’s next bath a fun and rewarding experience for both of you!

Well Dressed Chihuahuas and Their Well Dressed Owners

Chihuahuas clothed in the best outfits tend to have the best dressed owners. I explore this little recurring observation of mine, as a fashionable chihuahua owner myself, in this short, mildly humorous article!

What Causes Worms in Puppies

Puppies are pretty much like human babies when it comes to being able to fight the various infections and other health hazards. Like human babies even puppies have weak immune systems, which need time, care and nutrition for them to develop.

Hook Worms

Hookworms are known to be one of the deadliest parasites which not only make their host weak and feeble but can also cause the death of their host. While it is possible to make sure one gets himself treated for the infestation of hookworms, it is best to learn as to how one can actually prevent such infestation from happening. The first thing which should be clearly understood is that one should never step into the soil barefooted because this is what makes humans susceptible of being infested with hookworms, in case they happen to step on the…

Tips For Getting Your Great Dane The Perfect Crate

Searching for the most ideal dog crate for your Great Dane can quite often be hard as they are a distinct breed with unique necessities. The most notable among these is their size, and given that is extremely large you can see why a few crates aren’t as appropriate for their needs. In this overview you’ll find out about a number of the most key elements to look for in selecting a crate for your Great Dane.

My Special Dog Trained Me Well

You can train your dog like dog trainers and behavior experts suggest. And succeed. Or let your dog train you. And have the dog succeed.

How To Deal With Dog Separation Anxiety Naturally

Do you have a dog that tears up the house as soon as you leave the house? This condition known as separation anxiety can be overcome. We’ll discuss how to fix this behavior naturally.

Your Dog Is Not Bad – He Is Probably Just Bored

Many new dog owners despair when their dog starts to bark repeatedly or scratch and chew at their furniture. They worry that they have a ‘bad dog’ who will always be trouble. Nine times out of ten, this is not the case. Instead the cause is boredom, which is great news because you can do something about that. Find out how to make your dog so engaged with his life that he won’t have time, or the inclination to carry on with that barking and chewing.

Canine Psychology: The Way Dogs Think

If you’re interested in training your dog, it’s important to first understand how your dog thinks and what he responds to. We will review how dogs store cognitive memory, environmental stimuli, and the pleasure principle to help you in your training efforts.

Common Dog Joint Health Problems

Dogs are our favorite pets and they can even become our best friends. But at certain points of time the dog might suffer from different kinds of problems. One of the common problems in various species of dogs is joint problem.

Joint Pain in Dogs – Ways to Help Relieve the Pain

Joint pain is quite common in human beings. But do you have any idea about how common it is in dogs? Having a pet in your house is great but there are certain responsibilities that you need to take once you bring them home.

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