Best Holiday Dog Tips! with Cesar Millan

Why Should I Choose an X Large Dog Bed?

Discerning dog owners who are browsing for designer dog beds may wonder if they really need such an item. It might not seem like a necessary item for your dog, but a bed is actually a beneficial item to have. An x large dog bed for your gigantic canine brings simple benefits that you may not have thought about.

Dogs And Fashion

Fashion can be fascinating and involves whole industries, including those that cater for dog owners. But what happens if fashion hits the dog world? Read some Q and A for some brain teasers on the subject.

Before You Adopt A Dog Or Donate, Know About Puppy Mill Rescues And Unethical Adoption Practices

As the public has become more aware of the horrendous treatment puppy mill dogs receive, there has been an increased interest in adopting dogs from shelters or rescues rather than buying puppies at pet stores. Pet store demand for cute young puppies is one of the main reasons for the growth of the puppy mill industry. Many people are now trying to find ways to close puppy mills. The result of these trends has been to increase the adoption rate as well as increasing the desire of people to donate their time (volunteer) and/or donate money to the cause of eliminating puppy mills.

Puppy Potty Training – Simple Tricks And Tips To Help You House Train and House Break Your Dog

Potty training dogs is a lot easier when they’re cute little puppies. Everyone seems to have their favorite method, but these tips and tricks should help you get started on the right path.

Tips for Finding Dog Gates That Will Last

I was recently asked about a feature where you don’t need to use your hands. If you arms are too full to open the gate, a foot pedal of some sort is provided. These types of gates might be on the market but I’m not familiar with them (sounds like it could be a good feature) although with this locking system on most models I feel is easy enough to open and you don’t have to worry about it coming open on its own even with a big dog inside. The fact that many fold up for easy transporting is also an advantage, you never know when you might visit someone and they don’t want your dog running all over the place. There are so many advantages to all wood or wire construction as opposed to wire gates; often they will have a sliding adjustable-width feature that makes them easily expandable to the width of your choice without using awkward hardware, hinges, latches or tools.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Electric Dog Fence

If you own a dog that you keep outside, then you will obviously need some way to keep it in your yard. Keeping it tied to a stake doesn’t offer a whole lot of freedom, so erecting a fence is a good idea. Instead of using a physical fence, you may want to consider using an electric dog fence.

Never Feed This To Your Dog

The article emphasizes the importance of not using house food with dogs. It gives the anatomical reasons for such emphasis.

Ehrlichiosis In Dogs – Symptoms And Treatment Available

Canine Ehrlichiosis, also called “tracker dog disease”, “canine hemorrhagic fever”, “tropical canine pancytopenia”, and “canine typhus”. It is a tick-borne infection which is caused by a rickettsial organism Ehrlichia canis.

The Most Dangerous Dog Isn’t Always The Largest Dog

Naturally we would think that the largest dog in the world would be the most dangerous, but it isn’t necessarily the case. Studies have shown that large dogs can be very docile and some of the biggest dogs while smaller dogs are the worst bitters.

Why Do Most Dogs Whine?

Puppies whine for many various reasons but it is usually a behaviour which begins if your dog is a puppy. A whine can get them affection from his or her mother hence they may possibly test it out on his or her new owner as well. Dogs notice instantly that this will work on people, also! From that point on, you might have a puppy that whines. Here’s a look as to why dogs whine plus what you are able to do about it.

Ultrasonic Bark Control Keeps Dogs From Barking

Barking dogs driving you crazy? An Ultrasonic Bark Control Device may be the answer to your problem. It sure helped my neighbors and I.

The Best Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages

Everyone likes to get away, including your pooch, and if you have decided to take your constant companion on pet friendly holidays, there are plenty of choices. Head seaside as there are some beautiful coastal cottages where you can rest your head.

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