Best Puppy Advice 4-26-21 – How to Train Your Puppy

Predatory Drift – What Is It? How to Avoid It!

Predatory drift originates from a dog’s ancient instinct to hunt and kill prey. It is a hard-wired behavior that can be triggered in any dog. It is prey drive—-hunting and killing for food— in pure form and should not be confused with aggression,

What To Consider When Choosing Your Dog’s Bowl

If your dog had a choice it would eat straight out of the can or the bag their food comes in however in our more civilised world owners tend to opt for a bowl. However, which one should you buy? Purchasing a new dog bowl for your pooch can be a bit of a nightmare as there are now so many different styles, shapes and materials to choose from.

Commercial Dog Foods Are Bad For Your Pet

It may come to surprise you that commercial dog foods are terrible for your pet, although you might have suspected it right? I mean, people eat stuff from a can and although it is edible for you it usually is not healthy, so why should dogs be given this kind of food as well? Commercial dog foods take advantage of the fact that most people don’t know what to feed their dogs and because of the fact that most people “assume” good practices are being used in the actual making of the food.

Dog Training for Your New Addition

Why does your dog need training? Read about the benefits for you and your dog. Briefly read about the most popular and humane dog training techniques.

Pomsky Puppies: “Mix a Diligent and Blue Eyed Hard-Worker With a Fur Ball, and Stir!”

Pomsky Puppies are a cross between a Pomeranian and a husky. They are simply adorable dogs, and even cuter puppies. Like any cross breed, each individual Pomsky can vary in temperament to a certain degree, a little more so than pure breeds.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean and Healthy

Many families really love having a family dog. While they do bring a wealth of enjoyment to the family it also means putting aside time to look after the doggie needs. Keeping them happy and healthy becomes a priority. One area that will need attending to when it comes to meeting this obligation is tending to the dog’s ears. With the proper care you will find that you shouldn’t have a lot of problems, although some dog breeds are more disposed to ear problems than others…

Information About Dog Training

Training a dog can be an arduous task, and this is the reason why most pet owners are nowadays turning towards professional trainers. In order to train a dog in some chore, repetition has to be done lots of times in order to make sure that the dog performs the way you want it to perform.

Housebreak Your Dog: Make Your Life Easier With Dog Training to Potty Train Your Pet: Tips That Work

Most new puppy owners dread the chore of housebreaking their new pet. But it doesn’t have to me a mysterious, dreaded necessity. A few common-sense procedures, along with consistency can make it a time of building relation-ship. These 7 tips will make your life easier before you know it.

Puppy Training School – Why You Need To Train Your Puppy

You have a beautiful puppy who is totally loved and spoilt by the whole family and everyone is happy. However this little puppy will soon grow up and if not trained properly will be more than a handful for you and maybe a nuisance to others, so take some time to get to know your pet and find a dog training school near you. This way you will be able to not only have your dog trained but also build up a lifetime relationship with him.

Dog Dental Care and Good Oral Health

Dogs are a very important part of our family and dental care is very important for your dog. It is our responsibility as owners to make sure they live as happy and healthy life as humanly possible. This is very little, for the happiness they bring into our lives.

How to Take Care of a Puppy

How to Take Care of a Puppy One of the best things you could ever get is love from a puppy. Learning how to take care of a puppy is the best way to ensure you get all that precious love for years to come. Here you will learn what the tricks are to ensure that your pooch is healthy, happy and vibrant for years of fun and friendship. Before you bring your puppy home, clean house.

Canine Ear Infections: Causes and Treatments

As you might suspect, your canine companion is susceptible to medical conditions that you are not ranging from mange to worms, but there are a few problems that we both share. The big difference is that dogs lack the capability to treat themselves effectively and, in some cases, become ill because of improper care of their owners. Ear infections are a problem that people and dogs both share, it’s a common problem for young children and pups alike but is not uncommon in older animals either.

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