California Bill 1901 Bad for Dogs Bad for Dog Trainers

Golden Retriever Training Tips – 3 Rules For Successful Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Following these 3 Golden Retriever training tips will give you the best foundation for training a happy, respectful, and obedient family pet. Not following these may cause your dog to develop behavior problems as she grows up.

Benefits of Green Tea For Dogs

You may be aware of the health benefits of green tea for humans but what about your dog? You may be surprised to learn just how helpful this can be to your pet.

Are Dog Leashes Needed?

Do you need a dog leash? Find out why you need these dog leashes for your new pet dog.

From Conception to a Puppy’s Forever Home

Did you ever wonder about the life cycle of a puppy? I chose the hardest of all breeds to raise…

Common Preventative Pet Meds for Aging Dogs and Cats

Every pet owner experiences joy and companionship from their dogs and cats – from the moment they are born or brought home until the time they take their last breath. When pets are young, owners focus on feeding and training them properly.

Finding the Right Pet Meds for Your Cats and Dogs

Responsible pet owners will do more than feed, exercise and love their dogs and cats. They will search out the best pet medications to enhance the life of their beloved pets. On average, a cat will live 15 to 17 years. With dogs, it’s not that clear cut. Small dogs usually live longer than bigger dogs…

5 Top Tricks to Finding the Best Dog Insurance

Follow these simple steps to find top quality, affordable insurance for your dog. The best dog insurance policy is within your reach!

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Due to the sensitive nature of canine digestive systems, any of a number of reasons could cause stomach trouble. Choosing the best sensitive stomach dog food can be a lengthy process, depending on factors such as the breed and age of the dog, and the reason for the upset stomach.

Your Pet Dog Is a Family Project: Make It Fun

Who let the dogs out…a catchy tune comes to mind. And dog owner responsibilities. I bet that is not what the Baha Men are singing about.

Bark Collars for Small Dogs

There is no dog size that will not find a suitable bark collar regardless of the breed. A no bark collar that is intended for medium sized dog may slide around small dog’s neck. When this happens, chances are high in that the deterrent that includes sound, spray and static will not be active consistently.

Diabetic Dog Symptoms

Has your dog been acting odd, or eating the same yet losing weight? Learn what the symptoms of canine diabetes are and when you may need to see the vet. Of course, if your dog seems to be acting in any unusual way, you are the best judge, of when your pet needs to visit the Veterinarian.

Is It Worth Getting a Pet for an Elderly Person?

Often as we begin to deal with aging parents or friends or even ourselves, the issue of companionship can become a major issue when trying to handle loneliness. A pet can be one of many answers to loneliness for the elderly if a few questions are answered upfront. In particular, is the pet too much for the new owner to handle or is there a specific type of pet that can be the “right answer” to the elder’s sense of isolation from friends and family. The answer probably won’t surprise you.

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