Can I Gain this Aggressive Dog’s trust? (Dog Bite!)

More About Australian Shepherds

The first kind of Australian Shepherd was first seen in the western part of America as the population of imported sheep coming from Australia increased. Over the years, the Australian Shepherds and livestock grew in numbers for the California settlers and they saw the value of having sheepdogs to secure their animals.

Reasons for Having a Teacup Australian Shepherd

As pet lovers, we always consider the kind of dog that perfectly fits our personality. Nowadays, different kinds of Australian Shepherds are favored by dog lovers. Indeed, the adorable Teacup Australian Shepherd is becoming popular these days because they are a perfect family pet.

Heated Beds for Dogs – Because We Love Our Pets

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love your pet. When you consider the therapeutic qualities that heat has for us as humans we can only imagine the warmth and comfort it must provide for our pets. Whether it be used for minor aches and pains or for warmth in that damp, cold basement Heated Beds for Dogs can provide not just security but coziness for our pets. Take a peek at why your dog would really appreciate having a heated dog bed.

5 Fascinating Facts About Dogs

One of the best choices that most people consider as pets these days are dogs because we all know that these types of pets are loyal and very useful. In case you want to consider getting them as pets, here are 5 fascinating facts about these loyal pets:

One Size Does Not Fit For All (All Dogs May Go to Heaven, But They Are Not Created Equal)

As Mom and Dad got older, and the children move and live in another part of the country, the family dog(s) become more precious to the parents. Along the way the original family mascot might have passed along, but, do be careful about his and her replacement. Planning ahead NOW can save potential future problems!

Collars: Special Items For Dogs

One of the best ways to keep your dogs fashionable and pampered is to give them collars. These special items are very important because they don’t just enhance the pets’ looks rather give them a unique character and make them easily recognized. Some dogs look so similar to one another this is why people are looking for ways to help them achieve their own identities. Collars are special items for recognition or identification, training and fashion purposes. They make you easily recognized your pet, making you a lot closer to them. They make you control such pets a lot easier while making them like famous show dogs.

Dog Coats – The Whys and Wear-Fores

There are different types of dog coats available, from fleece to quilted-down, as well as rain jackets and hoodies. Depending on where you live you may need a variety to cover different types of weather.

Dog Training Advice

However, successful house training requires more accurately predicting when your dog needs to go. The best way to do so is to use confinement. Confining your dog to a small area, such as a crate, inhibits him from eliminating because most puppies and dogs naturally want to keep their sleeping areas clean. So your dog will need to eliminate when you release him from his crate and take him to his doggy toilet…

Choosing the Right Dog Lead

Walks should be enjoyable for you and your dog whether on or off the lead. All dogs should accept walking on the lead and you should ensure that this forms part of your walk. If you know that your dog will not cause a problem for anyone, will remain under your control and it’s safe for him, off-lead exercise is wonderful for dogs. When walking your dog near traffic, he should be on a lead, even if you feel certain your dog will not run into the road, he could easily be distracted. But what happens if your dog is walking you? Can you stop a dog pulling on a lead and what harm is it doing to his delicate neck every time he pulls? The importance of training your dog is essential so that we have some degree of control over them. Also choosing the right dog lead really can make a difference to the enjoyment you both get out of this activity.

Anti-Depressants for Dogs?

If your dog has separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, incessant barking, or a similar issue, more pet owners would take their dog to the vet for a solution. It can be easy to prescribe medication such as Prozac to fix the problem, but there are other solutions that could be an easier fix without the need for medication.

Dog Food: What You Should Be Feeding Your Dog

The amount of dog food that a dog requires varies from the age and size of the dog. What you need for a dog may differ from what you need for another dog.

Breaking Up the Routine With Your Dog

Now that Spring has arrived, it’s time for you and your dog to break up your normal routine and go for a new outdoor adventure together. We’ll review all the things you need to bring with you, and give you some ideas on new places to go so you can bond and get some exercise in the great outdoors!

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