Can I Help This Small Dog with an AGGRESSIVE attitude? (Leader of the Pack)

Our Christmas Miracle

Last Christmas Eve my husband and I spent the day searching for one of our rescue dogs. She was a small Border Collie mix we lovingly named “Pebbles”. She had slipped her leash on the way home from an adoption in MD.

I Was an Only Dog for 15 Years and Along Came Junior

Did you know only child syndrome also applies to dogs? Well of course it does, if a human child is an only child for several years and then along comes a sibling, there will be sibling rivalry as the new child starts to take attention the eldest child is used to getting and bad behaviour is one sure way to ensure you get your attention back. This is well documented in humans yet rarely recognised in the same way in dogs.

With Your Pet Dog, An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Ton of Cure

Don’t let your pet dog become just another statistic in a rescue group or animal control facility. The downward spiral of dog behavior can be subtle yet devastating for the future of the pet dog. What starts out as cute can soon be annoying or in some cases dangerous.

Tips for Hiring a Pet Sitter

A pet is a part of the family, but there are times when you just cannot help leaving the pet at home, and when you do that, naturally you want someone to care for your loving and valuable family member. Only a responsible, qualified and pet-loving person can take care of your pet when you’re out. Most pet sitters are unregulated, but you must hire the professionals. Here is a guide that can help you choose the right pet sitter.

Wire Dog Crates – Lots Of Options For Your Dog

You can keep your dog safe and secure at home and when you travel if you get one or more wire dog crates. There are many sizes and styles to choose from. Keep reading for some tips so you know you get the right one for you and your dog…

Can Dogs Get Motion Sickness in a Moving Vehicle?

Most dogs have adjusted very well to a lifestyle in which the car plays a very important role, but not all canines are happy when their owners ask them to get in for a ride. Is it possible that this discomfort is caused by Motion Sickness? Or is this condition a privilege of the human race?

Are Table Scraps OK For Your Dog?

Opinions vary, should we or should be not be feeding our beloved pup table scraps? You know they want it, but should you give it to them? Find out the facts behind whether, when and where table scraps are acceptable.

Dog Seizures Treatment

Although it is not approved by FDA, Phenobarbital for dogs is a popular drug that helps to monitor epileptic attacks. The main reason for its widespread use is its effectiveness and its low cost.

Treating Fleas in Dogs, Houses, and Humans – Cleaning Time

How to treat fleas on your dog, your home, and even on yourself. Learn about the itching flea menace that bugs us all from time to time.

Protect Your Pet From Deadly Dental Ailments

Dental ailments could be the major source of trouble for the pets. Therefore, proper dental care should be given to the pets to ensure their wellness. This article describes the need of dental health care and the services offered by animal clinics.

You Are Preferred, Sweet Beagle

The issues of animal testing are layered, many, and emotionally charged. What cannot be disputed, however, is the fact that well over 100 million animals live, and die, in laboratories each year world wide. Approximately 25 million of them live, and die, in laboratories throughout the United States.

Stop Dog Barking – Ultrasonic Fixes

These days there are a number of different options when it comes to folks who want to stop their dog’s barking. Ultrasonic devices and shock collars are two of the most popular options for training your dog to overcome their incessant barking issues and without breaking the bank while doing it. In this article were going to take a look at each of these methods so that you can decide which is better for you.

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