Can I solve this stray dog’s food aggression? (Leader of the Pack)

Good Dog Breeds For Children: What To Consider

If you are looking for good dog breeds for children, then you are in the right place! This article will give you a couple of tips to consider when thinking of buying a dog for your little ones.

Getting On With The Best Dog Breeds For Families

Choosing a dog for your family is a very important decision. Getting the wrong dog might cause you a lot of problems, and might end up with you taking it to the shelter. Do not make that mistake. Let this short article on the best dog breeds for families guide you.

Which Dog Collar Is Best?

What kind of collar does your dog wear? My own Labrador retriever showcases a plane old run of the mill choke chain, but despite the name I do not spend my day choking the snot out of him. Believe it or not, any collar can be used inappropriately; whether it be made from leather, nylon or metal and I could give you first hand examples that I have come across over the years that would illustrate my point, but I won’t. I could also give you examples that I have come across over the years of people using a variety of collars correctly, which simply proves that it is not the collar that needs to be educated, but the person at the other end of the leash.

Hassle Free Dog Health Tips

The issue of dog health has to feature in a pet owner’s mind whenever he has a puppy or an adult dog. Dog ownership is always a responsibility which needs people to be patient, attentive and understanding. This always ensures that dog health basics are followed to maintain a rewarding relationship with each other. This is the reason why dogs are considered the most loyal pets, also being sensitive to the owner’s moods. They know facial expressions, tone and understand certain gestures. However, the owner bears the final call when it comes to their health and the overall well being of the pet.

Dog Yeast Infections: A Simple Guide

You may have seen your dog scratching at the same spot for the hundredth time today. He’s also got rashes and reddish inflamed skin and there’s a strange liquid oozing out of it and giving a pretty nasty smell. Don’t be alarmed, though; he’s just got a yeast infection, and you can cure it. This article has all the information you need.

Choosing The Right Dog Food For Sale

There are many animal stores that do have dog food for sale which many pet owners may choose from. It is a great way to stock up on your pet’s food if it’s bought on a bargain without too much trouble. It will be a great deal if what your pet loves to eat is also sold at a great price.

Choosing The Best Large Breed Puppy Food – Making a Smart Decision

Do you know which is the best large breed puppy food for your animal? With so many choices, conflicting statements, and media hype, whose to know what is the right choice. Lets take a look at some of those choices here.

Dogs Who Retrieve Appear Smarter

Imagine having your dog fetch the morning paper, your car keys, and help carry the groceries. If your dog understands the Fetch, Hold, and Give commands you can teach these skills. This mental activity creates a dog eager to learn that in turn appears smarter than other dogs. There is a process to teach each step. Some dogs learn faster than others, so do not be discouraged if it takes a bit of time.

The Altered Pet

I don’t know whether all dogs and cats should be neutered or spayed at six months or not, otherwise where would the next generation come from? However, at some point in the lives of our friends there should come a time for this encounter. Experts say that in the altered male canine it should reduce aggression, reduce a wandering behavior and make him more focused on training. However, our dog Daniel never read those statistics.

Constipation in Dogs and How to Find Solutions

Constipation in dogs is a very uncomfortable problem both for the dog but for the dog owner as well. Nobody likes to set their dog suffering and constipation in dogs is a condition that can cause a lot of discomfort and distress for your dog. Luckily, there are things that can be done both to prevent and to relieve the condition.

Do-It-Yourself Pet Grooming Must-Haves

Believe it or not, one of the most recession-proof industries in the U.S. is the Pet Grooming and Supplies Industry. Research shows that despite the recent economic meltdown, the pet industry gained a slight increase in 2009 on pet-related sales.

Looking For An Underground Fence For Dogs?

As a dog owner your main responsibility should the safety and well being of your pet. It is essentially to let your dog into a garden to allow it to excrete or have some time to run around and play to keep It healthy in more than one aspect, however for some it is not possible to gain the privileges of a physical fence as a boundary and this is where an underground fence for dogs can come in handy…

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