Can You Actually HYPNOTIZE A Puppy? #Shorts

Springer Spaniel Breeders

Learn how to choose and find the appropriate Springer Spaniel breeders where you can select your desire breed of Springer Spaniel puppies. Think through your intention of getting the puppies based on the following guiding questions.

5 Reasons to Crate Train Your Border Collie

Crate training is very popular and undertaken by millions of dog owners every year. Most dog owners crate train their dog to provide advantages to both their dog and themselves. Crate training your Border Collie can help you with other training problems and it can provide you, as a dog owner, with peace of mind when you need a safe place for your dog.

How To Kill Fleas Instantly

Learning how to kill fleas is a simple thing. There are simple solutions on how to get rid of fleas forever. Learn how to do them here.

New and Exciting Dog Treat Recipes

Making dog treats at home can be lots of fun and save you money. With just a few ingredients that you already have on hand you can create wonderful treats that your dog will love.  

Pomeranian Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

Most royalties of eras past owned at least one of this breed of dogs. Queen Victoria is one of them. Who would not be?

How Talented Is Your Dog?

Do you have a talented dog or do you want to train your dog to become famous? Teaching a dog a talent will give your dog purpose, and you can also help your dog use those talents for different programs in your area like nursing homes, hospitals, or therapy programs.

Your Dog’s Food May Be Causing His Skin Condition

Does your dog have an itchy, red skin condition? It’s possible that your dog’s food could be causing the irritation. We’ll give you some advice on how to choose the right food for your pet.

Adjusting To Older Dogs

Are you wondering how you can keep your older dog happy in his golden years? You might see various signs of aging in your dog, but you can make adjustments to keep him entertained and also make his life easier!

Heartworms: A Horrible Disease That Is Preventable

As a dog owner, it’s important to spot the symptoms of heartworms such as coughing, swelling, or not being able to exercise as much as he once did. If he did get heartworms, it’s critical that he is treated. Also, there are preventative measures that you can take.

Flu Shots For Your Dog

Is it possible for your dog to get the flu? It sure is, and their symptoms are very similar to the symptoms seen in humans. If you feel that your dog is at high risk of getting the flu, you can also get the flu vaccine that might be cheaper in the long run. You’ll have a happier dog too!

Poison Ivy Can Ruin the Dog Days of Summer for Your Canine

Summer can be an adventure for any dog owner. Protecting a dog’s paws from thistles and burrs is imperative but a pet owner must also be aware of other dangers in the underbrush namely that itchy three-leaved plant, poison ivy. Learn how to protect your pet and identify poison ivy.

Dog Training Collars That Train Your Dog Without The Pain

If you are intent on teaching your dog a thing or two, training collars are indeed the smart option for you. These devices have been carefully crafted to carry out fast, accurate, and efficient dog training capabilities. Let dog training collars be your aid.

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