Complete Puppy Training Guide For The First Month Home!

Oh My, My Girl Dog Just Might Be Pregnant!

My goodness! So you think your loyal girl might be having puppies! We all know how much our loyal friends mean to us. We all understand how we cherish them so. Imagine your fine furry female has gotten pregnant! Oh my, what to do? This article will educate you on the signs to look for that your dog may be pregnant. We’ll tell you how to prepare for the big event, how to prepare for the big day.

Help For Dogs Suffering From Separation Anxiety

I wrote earlier about the symptoms of some dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, but we never mentioned how to try and help them. Also remember that the symptoms can vary greatly. Our dog used to go crazy when you tried to leave the house.

What’s the One Nutrient a Dog Simply Cannot Live Very Long Without?

Alright, let’s play a quick game, shall we? Here’s the question… What’s the one nutrient a dog simply cannot live very long without? A nutrient so important… so vital… absolutely no dog could survive lacking it for more than a few days… right before inevitably succumbing to an excruciating death. Mull it over. Could it be protein? Fat? Or even maybe some vitamin… or mineral? Well, surprising enough… it’s not one of these.

Dog Training – Stopping Aggression

This article will help you deal with your dog obedience training problems and help stop those annoying habits. One of the misunderstandings about pugs is that they are hard to discipline. Most people are convinced that they can be a little stubborn and too fun-loving to endure the hardship of training.

Dog Kidney Failure Symptoms – Do You Know What To Look For?

Now is the time to learn about dog kidney failure symptoms, and not when it is too late to react. That’s the most common mistake that dog owners make. Don’t let that happen to you. You will learn here what to look for and what you can do about certain symptoms quickly that could save the life of your dog.

Lhasa Apso FAQs

Who would think that the Lhasa Apso, bred to be the companion of Tibetan monks, would become so popular around the world? It has a loud bark, a very sharp sense of smell, and is an alert little guy. They are fearless and very loyal to their families.

Siberian Huskies As Pets

Huskies are gentle, friendly, playful, and extremely fond of their families. Puppies and young dogs of the species exude high-energy. The dogs are great with children and very friendly with strangers.

Find Out How To Insure You Have the Best Dog Food for Your Boxer

Boxers are very strong and energetic dogs, so it is especially important that this breed gets the nutrients it needs to maintain its active lifestyle. Unhealthy dog food that is full of fillers and preservatives will likely be a lot cheaper than more balanced, healthy dog foods, but it is worth the extra money. Boxer puppies especially need attention given to the nutrients in their dog food.

What Causes Dog Acne?

We all know that humans have acne, but few of us may realize that dogs can also have acne. Large breed dogs are particularly susceptible to this condition.

Dog Food Made at Home – Good Healthy Nutrition for Your Pet or Working Dog

Preparing dog food at home is not difficult. Dogs, no matter what size, will do very well on a home cooked diet. It is not difficult to learn. Home cooked dogfood definitely can be kept free of all non-food additives. It is not difficult to train pups to this type of diet or to switch older dogs gradually over a two to four week period. If it is done slowly it avoid digestive disturbances.

Should I Feed My Dog Homemade Dog Treats?

Delicious healthy homemade dog treats is a great way to spoil your beloved pets, and with the wide variety of dog treats recipes available, you won’t run short of ideas in a hurry. Giving your dog a treat helps build a bond between the two of you. Treats make a great reward when you are trying to train your dog to behave in a certain way, and signal to the animal that they have done something right.

Do Weimaraners Make Good Family Pets?

Do Weimaraners Make Good Family Pets? Weimaraners make excellent family pets. They form close bonds with their families and they really do hate to be separated from them.

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