Even A Chihuahua Can Be A Guard Dog!

Learn why having a dog will increase your home security and protect your family. Dogs can serve as companions and an early warning system for home invaders.

Worms That Can Cause Harm to Dogs and What to Do About Them

The common worms that are likely to infest your dog are tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms and whipworms. The simplest way to confirm presence of worms is by observing the feces. Roundworms are easiest to spot since these worms can be seen in the feces, in whole.

Dealing With a Constantly Whining Dog

Dog whining is difficult to ignore and even harder to tolerate for any length of time and yet it’s a natural part of a dog’s communication, much like barking, howling and crying. So, if you’re currently struggling with a constantly whining dog, here’s the low down on why your dog whines and what you can do to stop dog whining.

Grooming Short and Long Haired Dogs

There are different grooming techniques to use based on a dog’s breed. Long hair and short hair dogs need to be groomed a little differently. There are a variety of tools for each type of dog. I will go over both types of dogs, their coats and equipment.

Different Dog Coats and Skin

For any dog to learn a habit, trick or behavior, it is best to teach them from a young age. Just like a baby, a puppy will retain more information and learn behaviors when they are introduced from a young age. Because of this, you should introduce grooming to your dog right away. Chances are, your dog will begin to like and look forward to his grooming sessions.

Different Types of Dog Groomers

There are different options for your dog when it comes to where and how they get groomed. You can take them to a groomers, order a mobile groomer to drives to your house and grooms your canine in the driveway and then there is also an in-home groomer that comes to your house and grooms your pet inside. You will have to check locally to see what is available and what you feel most comfortable with.

Leashes for Dogs

Having a proper leash for your dog is very important. Not only do you want to ensure that your pet is safe while on a walk, you want to ensure that he doesn’t bother any people walking by either. Dog leashes come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and lengths.

Use These Tips to Potty Train Your Puppy

So you just brought your new puppy home and you get them all excited and then it happens. Your new puppy has just peed on your living room floor! With such a young dog things like this should be expected but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it for long. In fact, the sooner you teach them where it’s ok to go potty, the easier your life will be.

What You Ought to Know About Dogs and Their Habit of Shedding

Almost every dog sheds hair regardless of breed or age. The presence of this hair is a big nuisance faced by the pet owners. Breeds with thicker undercoats and those with more hair will shed in larger quantities.

How to Potty Train a Puppy – Common Methods That People Do

When bringing home a new puppy, there is an adjustment period for both the owner and the dog. The owner should consider taking a week off work to be with the new puppy, this will help provide consistency in the training process. It is up to you as the owner, to guide the pup in learning how to live in its new environment.

What To Feed My Jack Russell Puppy?

What to feed my Jack Russell puppy – that will always be the first question a new puppy owner will ask. Find out how and what to feed your puppy.

Aromatherapy for Pets

A dog’s nose not only dominates his face, but his brain as well. In fact, the canine brain has 40 times more of his brain devoted to his sense of smell than humans do! With that kind of ability it’s no wonder we train dogs to search for drugs, locate disaster survivors and even to detect human illnesses, from epilepsy to cancer. So, with these super sensitive snouts, there isn’t a more appropriate treatment to pamper and nurture those special creatures than AROMATHERAPY! There are so many amazing benefits for your pets life when they are exposed to pet aromatherapy.

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