Dog Scent Detection Basics

EPA Approved Dog Repellent Sprays Are Very Effective On Dogs of All Sizes and Breeds

I would venture to guess that almost 100% of the people that read this article have at one time or another, either been attacked, or almost been attacked by an angry dog. If not a by dog, by some type of animal. It is a pretty scary feeling to see an angry dog charging at you with the hair curled up on his back and showing his teeth. People who do a lot of walking or jogging, and also people who have jobs that require them to work at people’s homes on a daily basis are especially at risk for animal attacks.

Service Dogs For PTSD Vets

There’s a wartime epidemic affecting the men and women of our country but no one’s talking about it. Maybe it’s because our returned soldiers are embarrassed, maybe because the rest of us don’t know how to handle them, but PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, affects a large number of veterans who have been recently returning by the thousands to cities and towns all across the United States, but going back to being a civilian isn’t that simple.

How to Help an Anxious Dog Cope With Visitors

An unexpected visitor can be a big source of anxiety in dogs, so having a well thought out plan of action will help your dog cope and allow you to enjoy your visitors. Learning how to make visitors a positive experience for your dog will also help them to gain more confidence and reduce their anxiety.

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging – Especially in the Wrong Places

Digging is a thing that dogs do by instinct. In the wild, long before they were domesticated, dogs would dig to make a den to sleep in or to store food. Nowadays, it tends to be our garden they destroy, so we have to find a way to stop your dog from digging in all the wrong places. So although digging is inbred and you will never be able to stop your dog from digging completely, it is certainly possible to redirect and minimize this behavior.

Dog Training – Read More About It

If you plan on getting a new dog or if you already have one in your life, no matter how old they are, it is important that you train them. Mind you, this is not something that is going to be easy to do, but it can be fun. Many individuals believe training is a way to connect with the pet.

Dog Obedience for Those Living in an Apartment

Man’s best friend is always loyal, easy to love and always there when you need someone to lean on. Many have wondered if it is okay to keep a dog in a smaller place, such as an apartment. Individuals were concerned with dog health problems caused by living in smaller placed. Dogs can live in an apartment and be obedient at the same time.

Tips for Caring for a Pregnant Dog

Your pregnant dog won’t be able to communicate her needs to you. Therefore, you need to know exactly how to care for her on your own. These tips will certainly help.

Mitaban for Demodectic Mange: Friend or Foe?

Mitaban is accepted by many vets as one of the few treatment options available for getting rid of demodectic mange, but does it work? More importantly – is it safe for your dog? This article gives a basic overview of the Mitaban dip, and provides some information that just might prove shocking to you. For instance – did you know that Mitaban is so poisonous that even dog owners are advised to keep away from the stuff? Read this article to find out more about Mitaban now.

Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior and Personality

Understanding your dog’s behavior and personality is key when learning to properly train your dog. Dogs are a lot like people in the concept that they each have their own personality. You wont find two dogs exactly alike. They have different personalities which causes them to behave the way that they do.

Dog Training Ideas for Beginners

A quick guide on how to begin dog training. Sometimes it’s hard to even begin training a puppy; especially when you don’t know where to start. This quick write up gives you a basic idea as to how to begin the process of getting your dog to trust you and your training tactics.

Dry Dog Food Comparison

Before you buy any dog food for your pet, it will be essential that you know what is in their favorite foods and compare dog food ingredients and look at dog food ratings. This means taking the time to read our dry dog food comparison to fully understand what they are eating.

How to Stop Your Pet Dog From Running After Cars and Cats

It’s an interesting factor. Most of the habits our pet dogs have as young puppies tend to be more adorable when they’ve no capacity to follow-through. Nibbling on our footwear is adorable right up until they grow older and rip them up. The same holds true for running after pet cats or cars. They can’t reach them, so it’s adorable.

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