Dog Training Q&A

Christmas Trees and Dogs

Christmas and the holidays are a time meant for happy memories and fun experiences, not a trip to the emergency vet. One of the best parts of Christmas for many people is a beautiful live Christmas tree. As lovely as they are, they can be dangerous to dogs in many different ways.

Dog Training: How to Choose Dog Training Schools

Choosing dog training schools is a task that you can undertake in a few days. When you have plans to take your dog for training, this is a venture that comes with spending some amount of money.

Getting Rid of Fleas Quickly

Does your dog have fleas? Mine certainly does not but for many unfortunate dogs and their owners, they are not as lucky. Take for example, my parent’s pet Shih Tzu Harry.

Phases of Dog Seizures

Dog seizures can really be nerve wracking to experience. Consider the fact that you would have to endure facing your dog uncontrollably shaking on the ground and you have to be there to help protect them from doing anything dangerous and at the same time help in stopping the whole ordeal.

Common Golden Retriever Allergies

One of the most common choices for pet owners looking for a dog is the retriever. While the breed displays strong emotional intelligence and great loyalty, it is also true to say that they are susceptible to illness relative to other types of dog. One particular complaint that goldens will commonly suffer from is skin diseases, hidden beneath a thick coat of fur.

Different Types of Canine Seizures

It can be quite unnerving to see your pet succumb to canine seizures. Sadly though, this illness affects dogs too as much as it affects humans. There are different types of canine seizures and it is important to be aware of them especially if you suspect that your dog is afflicted with epilepsy.

Keep the Holidays Joyful Using These Family Pet Tips

Keeping our pets protected is critical any time of the year, but with the holidays coming up fast, I would like to spread some advice on holiday pet safety. When you bring a brand new tree into the home, especially a real tree, there is no telling how your dog may respond. There are many problems when it comes to accessories.

How To Choose A Dog Play Pen For Your Dog

Find out how to choose a suitable dog play pen for your dog. Look at the factors that will help you decide which is the most suitable exercise pen for your dog.

Tips To Choose The Best Dog Gates For The House

Dog gates for the house are basically temporarily barriers that you set up to prevent your dog from accessing to another area of your house. This article gives you guidelines on how to choose the best dog gates for your house.

What to Do When Your Dog Has Gas

Somewhere in my memory there is a “you might be a redneck joke” that proclaims if your dog has gas and you take credit, you may fit the bill. All kidding aside, dog flatulence is hardly a laughing matter. Speaking from experience when my father would bring his Beagle to the house, I can remember clearing a room after a particularly nasty episode. As a dog owner, you probably don’t look forward to dealing with this sort of thing, either, so it’s best to work toward handling the problem before it gets too, uh, explosive.

What to Get Your Dog for Christmas

When this time of year rolls around you want to find just the right present for your pet. All year round you have a faithful companion how better to reward them than to find the perfect present at the holidays.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Dog Training Harness

Dog owners will need to take their dogs out for walks on a nearly daily basis. A collar will work for most dogs, but others will need to wear a harness to be kept under control. A harness is a good option if your dog is quite adept at getting out of his collar.

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