Dog Training Tips and Tricks | Q&A With Professional Dog Trainer Nate Schoemer | Part 6

Dog Health Problems Can Infect Humans – And It Goes the Other Way Around Too

If the amount of time you spend with someone has anything to do with how close they are to you, dogs would certainly have to qualify as man’s best friend, having been man’s companion for 15 millennia. As close as the bond may be that dogs and humans share, there is still quite a lot the most people don’t understand about the dogs a species, dog health problems included. Here’s a look at a few doggie health facts that you may not have been aware of.

Finding a Non-Quack Expert on Dog Behavior Problems

It may feel bad to acknowledge them when they happen, but dog behavior problems are known to occur in the best families. It’s nobody’s fault. The thing about getting professional help from a behavior consultant is that you know that there is no educational or licensing requirements that they need to clear.

Establishing the Alpha Dog Role

Effective Pug obedience training involves exercising endurance in making your Pug or puppy learn the meaning of every demand. Learn beneficial strategies and solutions to make it a simple process.

A Few Useful Tips to Buy a Dog Bike Trailer

When it comes to investments, it doesn’t hurt to know all your options. In buying a dog bike trailer, for instance, there is more to it than choosing a particular type of dog trailer that your companion can fit into. This article keeps you informed on what other features you need to consider for a sure deal while investing in your pet’s care and transportation.

Medical Insurance for Dogs, Is Your Dog Eligible?

Many new dog owners are shocked to find out about the high cost of Veterinary care. Costs for a canine emergency can quickly get way out of hand! That’s where medical insurance for dogs can come in very handy. However, medical insurance for dogs can be as confusing and overwhelming as regular human health insurance. We all know how mind boggling and expensive that can be!

Boxer Dog Protection Training Helps Home Safety

The confidence level of boxer dogs makes them so safe to be around as their confidence does not allow them to see people as threats. When this confidence is combined with high control levels through boxer dog protection training, you will end up with a beloved dog that will be perfect for protecting your family against threats.

What Makes A Dog So Anxious?

Dogs get anxious about all sorts of thing, and while we can understand some of them, like being afraid of thunderstorms, others are much harder to work out, like being scared of men with beards, or people wearing hats. Here’s how you can help calm an anxious dog.

10 Dog Gift Ideas For New Dog Owners

Buying a dog gift for a new dog owner should be fun and enjoyable. Here is a list of 8 items that all new dog owners will need. Two additional fun gift ideas are included for that fashionable dog owner. Have fun choosing a gift for your friend’s new companion.

Dog Training Techniques – The Dog Whispering Technique Explained

Dog whispering has become a very popular dog training technique. In fact, in some ways, dog whispering and clicker training are taking the dog world by storm. But, although the popularity of dog whispering is fairly new, the techniques themselves have existed for hundreds of years.

Adopting A Dog – Five Tips For A Happier Healthier Pup

Adopting a dog is a big step. But if you have never owned a dog before, uncovering simple tips to make your life easier and would be helpful. Try these basic tips to get you started.

Dog Friendly Leashes

One of the best reasons for owning a dog is enjoying the time spent together. Dogs can be a great companion to any family. One of the most favorite things a dog enjoys is going for walks and playing.

Planning Your Trip in Advance Can Make Your Vacation Fun for Everyone

Summer rolls around, or the winter break, and you’re planning a getaway for your family and hopefully Buster Brown the family dog. Just as you would thorough prepare for your children, the same consideration goes for Buster. He deserves careful thought as well. After all you want the trip to be enjoyable for him too, don’t you? The first line of preparation is to look online to find “pet welcoming” and not just “pet friendly” hotels for that will accommodate the family and Buster Brown as a unit.

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