Dog Training Tips and Tricks | Q&A With Professional Dog Trainer Tom Rose

Enjoy Your Dachshund – 6 Tips To Train Your Dog

Training your Dachshund can sometimes be tough, mainly because they can be very stubborn. But keep at it because the effort will be worth it. In the end, you will have a dog that is well-behaved, fun to have around and much less likely to cause injury to themselves. Just imagine, no more wild barking, uncontrolled jumping and generally bad behavior. Life is a lot more enjoyable and safe for your Dachshund when you have made the effort to train them.

Do You Know What’s In Your Dog’s Food?

There are so many types and brands of dog food on the market, it’s hard to figure out which one is best. Here are a few things to consider about your dog’s health and diet.

5 Things to Consider When Training a Puppy

Owning a dog requires love and patience from its owner. One must start training your woolly bundle of fur as soon as possible to help your puppy to develop into the dog you dream of. This article gives you some things you will need to consider when embarking on training your puppy.

House Training Puppies – What To Do

Hi there friend and puppy owner. Perhaps the No.1 question of all new dog owners after they get their puppy home is, “How can I teach my dog not to pee or mess wherever it likes?” All other training questions pale into insignificance compared to this one, especially if you’ve just trodden in something mushy – perhaps even right in the middle of your new carpet! So this becomes your first priority ahead of biting and teething problems. You can put up with those in the short term, but potty training is your main challenge. In this article, I have given some tips and suggestions as to how to get on top of this which I believe will be helpful to you in this endeavor. Be assured that persistence and patience on your part will win the day. All the best for a successful outcome.

Troubleshooting an Electronic Dog Fence

Electronic dog fences are becoming a very popular solution to the problem of wandering dogs. There are now literally dozens of different brands and models available, some are very high quality and some are simply rubbish. All of the systems available are potential nightmares when they fail to work as you expected.

5 Steps to Buy or Build a Warm Insulated Dog House

When it comes to doggy real estate you have two options, either buy it or build it. Either way, learn the 5 most important aspects that will guarantee you have a warm weather proof dog house.

Dogs and Kids Comparison

So many times I’ve seen this sort of thing happen, with both dogs and kids. Most of the time it’s just a simple lack of understanding and communication. Training a dog is really not much different from training your child.

Hiccups! Why Does My Puppy or Dog Get Them?

By and large it’s new dog owners who become troubled when they hear their puppy or dog having a hiccup episode. The first thing they wonder is, what is wrong with my dog?

Making Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise During the Winter

We still have a few weeks left of cold weather, so it’s important to make sure your dog gets the exercise he needs even though it might be a little cold outdoors. We have a few solutions to make exercise fun for both human and canine, including wearing the proper gear, obstacle courses, hide and seek games, or even some exercise equipment for your dog!

The Effects Of Dog Urine On Grass And How To Remedy It

Unfortunately, dog urine and grass do not get along. There is a large amount of nitrogen present in dog urine and while a little bit of nitrogen is good for grass (In fact, it is contained in most fertilizers.) too much nitrogen can burn the grass.

How to Rid Your Dog of Heartworm – The Easy Way

Heartworms, contrary to their name, are a devastating parasite that live in the arteries in your dog’s lungs. It is spread by mosquito after having bitten an infected animal. Some dogs may have heartworm without showing any symptoms; however in more severe cases they will likely have a cough, fatigue after moderate exercise, weight loss and reduced appetite.

Size Really Does Matter In Training Dogs

When training dogs, there is a major difference between large dogs like German Shepherds and smaller dogs like a Yorkshire Terrier. Usually the smaller dogs can get away with bad behavior because of the cuteness factor. However, as a dog owner, it is imperative to give your dogs the training they require.

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