Dog Training with Rewards. Lesson 6

Getting The Right Attitudes In Conducting Dog Training

Having the right attitude towards dog training is among some of the most important aspects to successfully train your dog. Sometimes you may not realized it but it is having a wrong attitude that could be the case on why your dog continues to have that behavior problem and the problem is still there despite efforts you put in to train your dog. Learn more from this article on how to overcome this problem.

Combatting Pitbull Skin Problems

From common issues affecting all dogs to unique Pitbull skin problems, understanding how to care for your dog’s coat is an important part of pet ownership. If your dog is suffering from dermatological issues, one of these causes could be the culprit.

Puppy Mill Horrors and The Benefits of Pet Adoption

Imagine spending your entire life in a cage that is 6 inches taller than you and 12 inches wider and longer than you. Now imagine that you are surrounded by identical cages, like yours stacked 3 or more high, your own personal tic-tac toe board from hell. In this cage is a water and food bowl.

Personalized Dog Leather Collars, a Gift of Style!

Dogs are becoming more fashionable in the city, the way the dogs dress and wear their collars represent the style of the owners. As much as we love diamond, we treasure our dogs like our furry gems.

Training Yorkies With A Clicker

One of the more effective ways of obedience training for a Yorkie is to use a clicker. So, training a Yorkie with a clicker is especially helpful if your dog is at least 8 weeks old. Everyone has different methods of training, and some that work and other methods that don’t. For many methods, routines and consistency are vital to helping your dog learn the rules of your household.

Tips On How To Train Your Puppy With Leashes

Did you decide to get a new puppy? If so, now is the time to start training to go for walks with leashes. Starting at an early age they will learn leash manners and your walk will be more pleasurable. In this article you will find Tips on How To Train Your Puppy with Leashes. As pet owners we don’t want to be yanked and pulled towards other dogs and people.

Simple Guide on Pit Bull Training

Pit bull training does not differ a lot from training any other breed of dogs. And like other dogs who should be trained and shall undergo in different dog training methods, pit bull training is a necessity if you have one. It is our responsibility as an owner to teach our dog proper discipline to avoid him being all aggressive when around other people and dogs, thus keeping our very own dog well mannered and harmless.

Abady Dog Food Formula

Abady dog food is an innovative yet common sense approach to feeding our dogs. It reproduces the dog’s diet that they have had since their beginning. Dogs are carnivores and the Abady philosophy…

Scooting – How to Stop Dogs From Dragging Their Bottoms and Why They Do It

The anal glands (also known as the anal sacs) are positioned on either side of the anus. Their purpose is to assist dogs in marking their territory. Dogs raise their tails and release some anal gland fluid when they meet other dogs. These glands can become impacted. It is dangerous for the average dog owner to try to expel anal fluid. Inexperience can cause injury. The injury can cause an infection requiring medical intervention by your vet. Professional dog groomers and vets in most cases should be the ones to expel fluid from the anal glands when needed.

Looking For Nutritious Dog Food Recipes? Nothing Beats A Raw Food Diet For Dogs

The article recommends feeding dogs with a raw food diet consisting mainly of raw meat. It discusses the differences between the digestive systems of dogs and humans. It also points out good sources of raw meat for dogs.

13 Excellent Tips for Doggie Bathing at Home

Depending upon your dog’s daily activities, length of coat and skin conditions; she should have a bath every three to six weeks. But, “bath time” may not always be “fun time” for you and your dog. Here are a few tips to make your doggie bath time easier.

Choosing the Family Dog

Choosing a dog for family service, a family pet. This dog will be expected to be gentle with children and the elderly, obedient and protective. It will be trusted to be with any family member unsupervised by the “Alpha” or adult leader.

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