Dog Training Without Treats

Fun Games for You and Your Dog

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend and pet lovers usually treat them as part of the family. Taking care of our dogs does not only include feeding them or taking them for a walk. Dogs needs to play too and so giving quality time to play can help develop a better communication, understanding, and respect with your dog.

Choosing a Healthy Dog Food

Most pet owners usually consider the price of their dog food than to take a look at the ingredients of the product. Well, you should take time reading the backside of the package as it is important that your loving pet eats quality food. Most of the dog food products contain ingredients that are harmful to your dog.

How to Use Hand Signals Effectively in Dog Training

Hand signals are very effective when used properly. Here is how to teach them to your dog and employ them effectively.

Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs – How to Stop It

If you’ve ever seen dogs being aggressive toward each other, you know just how disturbing dog-on-dog aggression can be. Aggression between dogs can take the form of growling, snarling, snapping, posturing and even outright fights which could cause significant injuries for the dogs. It can also be difficult for the owners to safely break up.

Puppy Crate Training – Selecting a Crate

When crate training a puppy, it is important to start with a good foundation. In puppy crate training, that foundation is the crate itself. You should never choose a crate because it simply looks good. It is necessary to ensure that you are purchasing a crate that is not only acceptable to you, but more importantly, acceptable to your puppy. There are numerous types of crates available for puppy crate training. You may find metal, fiberglass, plastic, fabric, and other type of crates. Each one has its benefits, but all are acceptable depending on your surroundings.

Dog Halloween Costumes – When Halloween Becomes a Howl-O-Ween Day

Are you all set for trick or treating this Halloween? Are your kids ready to scare off your neighbors with those freaky costumes and are they all set for trick or treating? Well, don’t forget your best friend, he should also be a part of the fun. Why not make him feel special and set him on a mission along with yourself or your kids for a trick or treat adventure. We are talking about this most faithful tail wagging friend of yours, the family dog.

Anxiety Effects the Health and Lifespan of Your Dog

As if the behaviour problems caused by anxiety in dogs was not enough for you to deal with, recent research has now shown that fear and anxiety can affect your dog’s health and shorten their lifespan too. So if your dog is suffering from anxiety problems it’s time to take action.

How To Train A Yorkie – Why?

Would you like to learn how to train a Yorkie from somebody who knows what they are talking about? Well now you can. These dog training tips that you are about to learn really work. Come and see for yourself.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Have you acquired an older dog with less than acceptable behavior? Have you been frustrated trying to teach this dog new behaviors or to unlearn old behaviors? Try a training collar.

Training Your Dog To Stop Begging At The Table

There are few things worse than having your dog begging at the table, jumping up and pawing you because he wants some of what you’re having. You can’t blame him for trying, because what you are eating probably smells really good to him and he cannot understand why he can’t have some too.

The Real Cost of Keeping a Puppy

The cost of having a puppy (eventually growing into a full grown adult dog) can cost a lot more than what people initially think. This article will list the basic costs of keeping a puppy.

Dog Training Techniques – A Quick Overview

Many people love the idea of owning a dog but one thing that they have to keep in mind often times, is that the dog needs to be trained. While the dog may look heart-breakingly cute when it’s in a shelter or at the pound, picking out the dog is only the first part of the relationship between dog owner and the animal. Many people don’t understand that they have to put time and effort into socializing the dog.

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