Dogs Are Very Smart

Have you ever wondered how your dog knows what to do with his “free time”? Some dogs are very smart while other dogs can’t help but get bored, or even decide they want to steal a few hours here and there.

The reason why your dog spends some of his “free time” is to find something to do that interests him. If the same thing is repeated over and over again, your dog will start to get bored of it.

This is where toys come in.

A toy or a chew toy is a great way for your dog to “earn” his keep. Your dog will simply have to tear off a piece of the toy and run with it. He can catch the toy or chew it to get more parts and get a bigger piece.

In some cases, the pieces of toy will be small enough that your dog can actually swallow them whole.

If you give your dog his own toys, he can also use his “earn” part as an alternative way of earning for himself, but he still might take it straight home, or he might just give it to you for your amusement.

Once your dog has gotten the toy he wants, you can only help but laugh when he starts to whine “that’s not fair!”.

However, you do have to say “Yes Sir” because it is the only way your dog understands that the two of you are equals on this occasion.

Once you teach your dog that he earns the toy, he will only take it home when he truly wants to.

There are many dog toys on the market, but I should say that the ones which are made by the same manufacturer are usually the best, as he can actually sense the quality of the toys and he trusts that they are safe and that they will not be contaminated in anyway.

You must, however, take some care in choosing the toy. If you have an allergic dog, or an allergic child, then it might be wise to try a toy made by a company which has assured you that it is safe for them to play with it.

You might also want to keep an eye on your dog for toys that are designed to be chewed and swallowed. These toys usually are made from plastic and with a lot of stuffing, which may simply overwhelm your dog. I would also advice that you avoid the cheap toys.

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