Dogs Need To Exercise

Just like people, dogs need to exercise. Dogs exercise at every opportunity they get, no matter what the weather is. Dogs will, by instinct, run off to a more suitable area just because they like the feel of the grass beneath their paws and they will do the same thing if they are bored.

A stroll with your dog may become the norm because they like the freedom it gives them. You, on the other hand, may not like it when you come home to a house that smells as though you haven’t bathed in months, if not years. But your dog will, on occasion, smell a bit like you after a walk.

One good thing about a walk is that it gives your dog a chance to get out of the house. This is good for both of you. When your dog goes into his crate or house when he isn’t with you, you do get a whiff of it. But it may not be great news for your dog. If you like a good whiff of your dog after a walk, and your dog likes the smell of you, then you won’t be able to tell what’s going on if you have a walk. But you will know that something is wrong if your dog goes into his crate on his own.

As dogs get older, the exercise they need may be different from what they got as puppies. Some dogs, particularly older dogs, may need more exercise than they were getting as puppies. If you find that your dog is less active than he was when you were younger, don’t punish him. Try to find out what his needs are and try to meet them. Give him a walk instead of your following him around.

Just because a dog doesn’t need as much exercise as he did as a puppy, doesn’t mean he can’t go out on a walk. Take him to a dog park and play with him there or take him to a dog friendly area and play for a bit and then take him back home. Whatever you do, don’t punish your dog for wanting to go on a walk. A dog who wants to go on a walk is a dog who’s comfortable with his surroundings. If he can go on a walk and he’s happy, he’s happy. Punishing a dog for wanting to go on a walk can be counterproductive.

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