Down Command

A popular trick used in dog training is the “down command”. It is meant to be a good command, not just something that is used as a one-off for something else.

The reason for this is to make your dog familiar with using its stomach for moving. You mustn’t use this command only when you want him to lie down. In fact, you should train it first when he isn’t looking. And if he does obey, you must reward him when he does. This way, he will start to associate this behavior with getting something.

And even if he should happen to lie down by accident, you should be careful not to yell at him or punish him. This isn’t meant to be a punishment, but a good command. You should be more interested in letting him know that he’s doing what he’s supposed to do.

Other commands you should teach your dog include “sit”, “stand”, and “heel”. Just do your best to train them. But when you decide to train this, it is necessary for him to learn this before attempting to do other things.

Do you follow? Good.

This is to make him more familiar with looking at you. You mustn’t teach him this first command, but rather make him associate it with the rest of your commands. You must ensure that you always use the words you want him to, and your dog should obey.

It is recommended to do lots of things when training your dog. This way he’ll get to associate you with doing the right commands. Once he can, you can proceed with the other commands.

When training your dog to walk by your side and sit beside you, you should be very attentive. You mustn’t let him to run around you, or he will never associate the command to you.

You must be very conscious of his movement. You shouldn’t let him to be in motion while you’re asleep. He won’t know when you’re tired or not.

When training your dog to sit beside you, you should let him to sit beside you anytime you want him to. When he obeys, it is best to praise him.

This is to make him to move with you. Never let him to stand by your side, or he’ll associate the command to you as the one who makes you move. Your dog can certainly obey when he sees you move.

Once your dog can obey you and you have successfully trained him to obey you, there are many things you can do with him. If you like to make him to behave well in your house, you must teach him your family rules. With your dog, you can do many things to make him to move well, and obey you.

After you have successfully trained him to obey you, it will be easier for you to take him out for your usual walks or for a jogging session. Also, you can now go out with your dog on daily walks.

Dog Training Part Two

Now that you have successfully trained your dog to follow your command, there are many things you can now do with him. You can now take him for fun trips or you can now jogging with him. But remember to be careful during these rides because if he has an accident, it will be very difficult to make him change his behavior from before.

If your dog has any accident while on the dog training trips, don’t punish him for it. If your dog has an accident, just clean it up with a newspaper or with a rag and then take him home. If your dog still hasn’t learned how to walk by your side and sit beside you, just be patient and wait until he will understand.

You can now take your dog with you when you do house and garden chores. As long as your dog has learned the basic commands, he can handle these chores well enough. It is still best to train your dog to do these chores after he has learned to follow your command.

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