EVERY Dog Training Plan Needs THESE 5 Elements!

Trouble With Fleas?

Whether you’ve got a dog or a puppy, chances are you will find yourself needing to quickly get rid of these troublesome fleas at least one time or maybe on a regular basis. Here are a few suggestions that will help you decide how to go about it.

How To Bathe A Labrador Without Any Problems

Many people think that bathing the Labrador is not easy, but with proper knowledge of the technique of Labrador bathing, starting from when he is a pup, bathing a Labrador can be quite easy. Using the right techniques you will find that giving your dog a bath will no longer remain a challenge.

Important Things To Know About Dog Food Allergies

For a dog with food allergies, the otherwise simple act of eating his dinner can prove to be one that leaves him in misery from intestinal upset, itchiness, or even pain. Dog food allergies are a lot more common than dog owners might believe them to be…

Important Facts To Understand About Dog Nutrition

There are hundreds of types of dog foods available on the market today; while all of them claim to have your dog’s best nutritional needs at heart, the reality is that not all dog foods are created equally. Just as people have differing nutritional needs, so do dogs. The key to understanding what your dog needs is to understand the basic nutritional needs of all dogs while factoring in any allergies or sensitivities to food along with any age-related nutrition requirements.

7 Ways To Make Your Dog Love You

Owners want their dogs to love them back. Learn how you can show your dog you love them and make them love you in return.

5 Tips For Exercising Your Dog

Dogs, like their human owners, need exercise too. Read on and find out how you can give your dog the exercise it needs.

Few Types of Precision Dog Crates

Precision dog crates act as your dog’s bedroom and reduces their destructive behavior. Dogs naturally want to live in a clean and dry den where they feel safe and secure. Two General Types There are various types of precision dog crates in the market including solid plastic crates that are very valuable when travelling and more secure than the other types.

The Temperament Of A Boxer Dog And Why It Is Such A Wonderful Pet

Boxers are a wonderful breed, and make great pets. The temperament of a boxer demands that only a certain type of person need apply for ownership. They are a highly energetic and active dog that requires a good effective training plan and strong ownership from the outset. Boxer owners will often have two of them and will buy again if they loose their friend.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Dry Dog Shampoo

Are you tired of constantly giving your dog a bath? Did you know, most dogs only need to be bathed once every few months? Are you looking for ways to reduce the frequency that your dog needs bathing?

Train A Dog To Behave

We all talk about training a dog to behave but perhaps we need to modify that and have a good look in the mirror. Maybe let’s try train a trainer to behave – by sending out the right signals and not teaching a dog to do things that we do not want them to do…

Information on Black Labrador Retrievers

There is a reason Labradors are the most popular dog in America, the UK, and Canada.While in some breeds of dog the genes for certain colors have been linked with an increased risk of certain health defects, this does not seem to be true of the Labrador so find out more about Black Labradors.

Labrador Retriever Names by Color

Have you ever tried to name a dog before? Finding the perfect name for your Labrador Retriever isn’t easy is it?  You want to choose a name that goes well with your dog’s specific personality and appearance, and not just some overused generic name like “Rover” or “Bingo.”

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