EVERY SINGLE THING I Trained This Dog in 2 Weeks

What’s the Easiest Way to Train a Dog to Heel?

Keeping “Filo” from pulling is a major chore. Especially if he knows he’s the top dog!

My Dog Ate Catnip!

Catnip really won’t kill your dog. Let’s talk about what it can do, though.

Three Lost Dogs That Found Their Way Back Home

By what compass do songbirds and monarchs fly over the mountains to winter in warmer climates? What guides the great whales as they navigate the deep? And how is it that three lost dogs who found their way back home were expected, even after having been gone for too long?

Mans Best Friend and Training Him

Dog training is never a mysterious practice. It’s usually a matter of trying to communicate with your dog to make it understand exactly what it supposed to do. While a number of dogs are easy to please compared to others, a few seem to have more intelligence, every dog can be trained to understand at least simple commands.

Doggy Dates – Socializing Your Pup

Teaching your puppy to be social is very important and should be started at a very young age. Puppies can begin their social training once they are four weeks old. The time period between four weeks old and four months old is very crucial for a puppy.

Is Your Child Ready For A Puppy or Dog?

Who doesn’t get all teary at the sight of a laughing child and gloppy puppy? The marketing industry makes mind-boggling dollars with that Norman Rockwell image! Animal lovers would like to think their progeny have inherited their “animal loving” genes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way!

Why You Want a Green Dog Bed

Why go “green” with your dog beds? Going green and choosing an eco-friendly dog bed is getting easier as the recycling processes are fine tuned and dog bed manufacturers find ways to make these eco-dog beds more appealing and budget friendly.

7 Ways to Calm a Dog in a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms can be scary for humans and pets alike. Learn some effective ways to calm a dog during a thunderstorm.

3 Important Tips for Dog Water Safety

If you’re a new pet owner, you must take into consideration the fact that your dog may not be able to swim… this is dog water safety tip number one; know your dog’s abilities. Never throw your dog into the water or force him to go swimming before you know his swimming capabilities as he may panic or even drown before you are able to react.

Bad Foods for Dogs – Beware of These Household Items

Most pet owners know there are definitely bad foods for dogs that they need to be aware of. Learn more about the dangerous items lurking around your house.

8 Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat

Yes, there are some human foods that dogs can eat in moderation. Find out more and your dog will thank you for it!

Mushroom Poisoning in Dogs – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Mushroom poisoning in dogs is a common hazard because of the amount of time dogs spend outdoors; it becomes a problem particularly in the summer and fall. Here’s some information on keeping your dog safe.

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