Finding What Caused this Dog’s Aggression! (Better Human Better Dog Previews)

Why Choose German Shepherd As Guard Dogs?

The German shepherd as guard dogs is fearless and obedient at the same time. It will show its aggressiveness once it needs to and will follow its owner once instructed. Its strength and intelligence is the reason why dog lovers of all kinds love them.

Please Don’t Leave Me: Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is the real fear of your dog that he will be left alone forever. This fear causes your dog to ‘act out’ with destructive behaviors that are sure to cause frustration in your household.

Dog Training, 6 Commands Every Dog Should Know

There are many training techniques and philosophies that claim to be the fastest, easiest or most affective way to train your dog. The one thing that every dog training technique seem to mirror is that positive reinforcement and reward is the most effective.

Personal Protection Dogs Vs Guard Dogs

Personal security and protection should always be among your primary concerns. Whether the crime rates in your area is on the rise or not, it is always best to be on the safe side and invest your own safety. In this regard, perhaps you have already heard about a number of people getting personal protection dogs.

Are You Ready to Housebreak Your Dog?

Housebreaking can be done for both old and new dogs. This helps your dog live comfortably and in harmony with your family. Housebreaking a dog should begin young, close at six to sixteen weeks. Housebreaking a dog is not a very easy task however there are some simple tips on housebreaking your dog that have been discussed below.

Grooming for Shedding Dogs With Dog Shampoo

For shedding dogs, grooming is an important aspect in caring for your dog’s health. And you need the correct tools for that. Caring for your pet dog is like caring for a human child.

Using Training Collars To Get Great Results With Your Dog

Do you have a dog that needs a little behavioral correction? Then this article and the training collars it discusses may be just what you’re looking for. You can have that well trained obedient dog you’ve always wanted.

Why Do Dogs Bark? – Dog Barking Solutions

Nothing reminds me more of summertime, barbeques and American suburbia than the quintessential sound of a barking dog. I’m sure that most people don’t share my sentiment, but for me it invokes this strange feeling of comfort and care-free laziness.

How to Care for Dog Therapy Pools

Dog therapy pools require special care and maintenance. Good water quality and chemistry is important for your canine, you and the facility. Learn what you need to know in caring for these special swimming pools.

Factors and Features You Should Look Into When Choosing a Guard Dog Training School

Dogs are really great to have. They are fun to be with and you can play around with them. They are certainly good company. But at the same time, dogs can also be very useful in terms of personal protection as well as guarding your property and family. Here’s some tips in choosing a good guard dog training school.

Which Dog Kennel Is Best For My Dog?

A dog kennel is what your dog deserves. Here are some points to consider when you want to get your pet one.

Dogs Are Pets – Love My Dog Training Guide

Dogs are often called man’s best friend and for a reason. If or when trained properly a dog can be immensely loyal to their owner. Training your dog can be quite taxing and tiresome, but the pleasure you as the owner can derive from such an undertaking is great and very rewarding. When and how you train your dog should begin as early as possible and depend on how old the dog is when commencing. Love My Dog Training Guide will help guide you in the proper and loving way to train your dog.

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