High Fiber Dog Food Benefits and Tips

When you feed your dog a healthy high-fiber diet, it benefits both of you. Diets rich in fiber will eliminate some conditions and illnesses on their own. Overweight animals will also benefit from food which contains a lot of fiber.

Harnesses For Dogs Are Safer Than Dog Collars For Walking

Which are the best for walking, harnesses for dogs or dog collars? This is an eternal debate on doggie forums and a question we receive so many emails about every week. Our unequivocal answer is always, ‘harnesses to be safe’.

Puppy Potty Training Tips for Training Your Dog

There are a variety of methods and puppy potty training tips that you can start using on your pets. Some work great for some dogs and others don’t work as well. Fortunately, with a wide variety of methods and differing approaches, you’ll easily find the right method for you!

How To Control Your Dogs Barking – Effectively!

There are few things more embarrassing when your dog incessantly barks and your neighbours tell you it’s annoying them. Find out here how to stop your dog barking- Now!

How To Potty Train Your Pup – FAQ’s

Potty training your pup is essential as soon as possible. Find out how here!

A Golden Retriever Health Problem No Dog Wants To Get

There are a number of Golden Retriever health problems that you should be aware of when raising and breeding this breed of dog, including allergies, infections, hip dysplasia, cataracts, and obesity, but there is one in particular I wanted to focus on today – Diabetes. I think everyone has some idea of what diabetes does to people, but until you own a dog it never really hits home that the condition can affect dogs in much the same way.

Find Out The Secrets On How To Stop Dogs Chewing!

Stop your dog chewing everything in sight. Find out how you can easily achieve this!

Temperature Regulating Pet Bed

If you have a pet that you love to bits, then you should totally get your pet something that will keep his temperature as consistent as possible. After all, your pet will not be able to tell you when he is feeling warm or cold. By the time you realise he has fallen sick due to overheating or because of the strong wind, it might be too late.

How to Start Dog Obedience Training

The dog obedience training is very important as it helps you to teach your dog to listen to you. This is a good attribute that will make it easy to live with the dog. The right time to start training the dogs is when they are still very young. At twelve weeks, puppies can understand the commands that you are giving them. Do not wait until they have become too big. Older dogs are harder to train especially on basics such obedience. The latest, you should do it is at six months. You should be careful at this young stage not to expose the puppies to undesirable habits. Here are some tips that can help you train your dog to be obedient:

Effective Tips at House Training An Older Dog

Having an indoor dog is one of the best ways to have a dog! Fortunately, house training an older dog is not that difficult to learn or teach to your dog. The real issue to deal with is the fact that they have become accustomed to their ways and will need to be changed.

Jealousy, The Canine Green Monster

Do puppies and dogs feel jealousy? Status is a priority in your puppy or dog’s life. No one wants to feel they’ve been pushed to the bottom of the pack, especially if they have seniority. Here are a few tips to help your dog maintain their dignity and status to help overcome jealousy.

Maintaining Dog’s Attention With These Four Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

The activity of chewing and biting is part of the daily life of a dog. So nobody should be worried by the dogs that cause harm. Total and severe destruction seems to be the outright satisfaction of dogs whenever they come into sight of anything exciting.

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