Train Your Puppy Before He Is a Year Old

When you first get your puppy it will cry and bark because of the new surroundings and it misses his siblings and mom, but after you have it a few weeks, you need to let your little barker know that unnecessary barking is no longer allowed. If he barks at nothing and makes a nuisance of himself, it is time to take action. A barking collar is the best way to stop barking as he gets a correction whether it is a spray, shock or a noise every time he barks. He does not associate this with you since you might not even be around when he gets a correction.

Bark Collar Reviews – Why You Should Do Your Research

Reasons why anyone in the market for bark collar to train there dog to quit barking should review various models before deciding on a purchase. Not all bark collars are created equal, check out the bark collar reviews!

Foods That You Should Never Feed Your Dog

If humans cannot eat just about anything, dogs are the same too. Here are some foods that you should not let your pet dog eat.

Is Your Puppy or Dog OCD?

Canine Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) behavior in a puppy or dog is the impulse to unconsciously perform repetitive, self-rewarding, inappropriate behaviors. These behaviors include, but are not limited to car, fence, shadow, light and tail chasing, sucking, spinning, or fly snapping. Dogs have been known to perform these behaviors, even to the point of causing self-injury.

8 Steps to Properly Groom Your Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dogs are generally a laid back breed with hypoallergenic hair that comes in either curly or wavy coats. These friendly and energetic dogs were originally bred for working with fishermen and to this day they love being in and around water. For showing these dogs the coat should be cut in the lion cut with the fur around the chest area left fairly long and the hind quarters and muzzle cut very short.

Games You Can Play With Your Dog

Playing with your dog is going to be beneficial for you and for your dog. Here are some games that you can play with your dog.

Beagle Training: How To Make A Good Dog Better

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world is the beagle. With its distinctive colorized coat and the positive sweet nature, who wouldn’t want such a fun companion? In fact, since you are reading this article, you may already have a beagle buddy, or are at least considering getting one. Though they are a good dog, they can become better with some specific training.

Dog Dandruff and Ways to Solve It

Dog dandruff is similar to human dandruff. The white flakes in dogs come from their dead skin cells. Dog dandruff is caused by parasites, allergies or dry skin. To treat this pest of a dandruff, you can use some home remedies. However, a visit to the vet may be necessary if the condition doesn’t improve.

Beagle Puppy Training – The Right Way

The beagle breed was originally bred to hunt. However, with the proper training beagle puppies can be great as a house pet even if you don’t use them to hunt. They are a great family dog when trained well.

Helpful Dog Obedience Tips

It is really important to have a pet which is well behaved. For those pet owners who are new to the experience of taking care of a dog, obedience training must be applied. Though, this training is a little bit tough since you are about to train puppies.

6 Tips For Successful Beagle Dog Training

Do you have a new beagle addition to your family? I think you made the right choice, as this breed is not only cute and cuddly but they have a gentle playful nature that is great for families. However, like any new puppy, manners must be learned and obedience is critical in beagle dog training.

Training Tips for Your Beagle

Training any dog can be a test of patience and needs perseverance. Prior to beagle training it is best to understand your dog’s personality to get the best results. This wonderful dog breed actually tends to like both physical and mental stimulation so training should not be too difficult.

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