What Is the Healthiest Dog Food for Your Pet?

What is the healthiest dog food? Homemade may be the best choice of all, as long as you choose wholesome ingredients. Which ingredients should be included in a homemade dog food recipe? Keep reading to find out more.

Dog Beds – Some Things To Consider

You may have recently acquired a new furry little friend or perhaps one is a member of your family already, either way, you’ll need a dog bed for Fido. It may seem pretty obvious, but dog beds are an essential part of your dogs well-being, so choosing one that bests suits his (and yours) needs is something requiring a little bit of thought.

Hound Dogs: Three Categories That People Should Know About

A lot of people now have hound dogs as house pets, but do they really know what their dogs were bred to be? This article talks about the three types of hound dogs. Not a lot of people know that there are hound-dog categories, so this article would be of great help to them.

Working Dogs: Modern Day Heroes of the Non-Human Kind

All of us must have seen a dog at work in one way or another. But do we really know the capabilities of our canine friends? In this article, the multiple roles of dogs are discussed. It is truly impressive.

Yorkshire Terriers As Family Dogs

The “Yorkie” is an intelligent active dog breed that conveys an air of importance. The Yorkshire Terrier loves attention and is very loyal.

Sporting Dogs: Top Three Hunters/House Pets

Not a lot of people know that the dogs that they have at home were actually once used for hunting. In this article, I have outline the three most popular dog breeds under the sporting dog category. Read on and you might just find your dog on the list!

Indoor Potty – Dog Litter Box Training Perfect For Days Too Cold Or Hot

How the use of indoor potty dog litter box systems will benefit dogs and their owners during both days that are too cold and too hot. Such systems make it comfortable to stay indoors when the weather is awful outdoors.

Crate Training Puppies – Extending the Time In The Crate

In the initial phase of puppy crate training, your pet will just want remain in his crate for a small time. He’s in…he’s out. That’s not truly what we’re aiming for, therefore let’s train him to stay in the crate for a little more time…

Healthy Dog Food – How To Choose The Right Brand For Your Dog

Choosing the right healthy dog food can be one of the most important decisions that you make for your dog. One benefit is that you can be sure of providing your pet with all the nutrients that are necessary for a healthy and strong animal. You will avoid expensive visits to the vet while also ensuring that man’s best friend provides you with companionship for a long time.

Using The Electric Fence To Cage Your Dog

Dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend; they are you’re only truly loyal companion and ask for little or nothing in return, except for food, shelter and love. Dogs should be treated as a member of the family, with the love and respect one would have for a child…

Identifying Your Dog’s Temperament

It is important that you know your dog’s temperament. This will help you train your dog better.

Puppy Training – Best Practices

The first few months of a puppy’s life are extremely important. How the owner handles these few months will have a huge impact on the characteristic and behavioral development of the dog. In this article I will give you some tips about the most important things that a puppy has to learn during its first few months that will determine not just the puppy’s life, but its owner’s as well.

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