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Choosing the Right Dog Food for Allergies

Is your dog rubbing or scratching at any of these areas enough to create a reddened appearance? Take note of how long your canine has been exhibiting these symptoms and what the dog ate in that time period as this may indicate dog food allergies…

Eco Friendly Dog Products – How to Be an Environmentally Aware Pet Owner

Owning a pet comes with a variety of responsibilities. In addition to being responsible for the welfare of the animal, there are certain other things also that you might need to take care of. Many people tend to take these things for granted.

At Home Dog Grooming Tips From a Professional Groomer

Grooming at home builds trust between you and your pet. Using a professional dog groomer is good decision because dog grooming companies are familiar with the correct way to groom dogs and they know what is best for your particular breed. Between visits, it is important that you continually groom your pet as well. The following tips are from a professional dog groomer and they will help you to maintain your dog’s teeth, skin, fur and overall health.

Memory Foam Dog Beds Buying Tips

The majority of dogs sleep for approximately fourteen hours a day, so it is important to buy your dog a bed that will be snug and functional. Memory foam dog beds are an excellent choice providing exceptional comfort and support, especially for the older, unwell or convalescing dog. Dogs love to have their own special area and a suitable bed will help in achieving the right quantity of sleep every night.

Dog Grooming Basics

Knowing how to properly groom your dog at home can save you time, money and the hassle of a dog feeling uneasy being around someone else. There are some very basic guidelines to follow when grooming your dog at home. We will discuss specifically just the ears and teeth.

Rescuing A Dog – Rescued Pet ID Tags

Rescuing a dog can be a very meaningful and rewarding thing to do. Taking a dog that has been mistreated and giving it a forever home, teaching them to trust again, is such a special thing to be able to offer. Yes, it can be incredibly challenging and, at times, infuriating but the results surely outweigh any negative aspects.

What Is Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

It is extremely common for a dog to develop some sort of intolerance or allergy to certain chemicals or even certain meats. Most commercial dog foods contain chemicals, preservatives, flavourings or dyes as ingredients, and these could all potentially irritate your dog’s stomach. It is vital that if your dog is showing signs of a sensitive stomach, that you identify the irritant and remove it from their diet.

Alternatives to the Elizabethan Collar

Have you ever had to use one of those E-Collars (also known as the Elizabethan collar or Buster Collar) for you beloved family dog? They are ugly looking things for sure and extremely uncomfortable for the animal. They may look amusing or comical but I guarantee that from Fido’s perspective they are not laughing.

Tips for Finding Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Dog’s come in all shapes and sizes and often when purchasing chew toys for our pets we consider size but forget to factor in our dogs chewing habits. This article is designed to help you decide on the perfect toy, if your four legged friend is an aggressive chewer.

Are Homemade Dog Treats Better?

Feeding your dog homemade dog treats is a great way to spoil your dog, and make sure that they receive healthy nutritious snacks, instead of the sugary, fat laden treats that are sold commercially. Commercial dog treats can be extremely expensive, and due to the intense processing, contain little to no health benefits for your pet. The ingredients list on the box doesn’t tell you everything.

3 Common Methods For Toilet Training Your New Puppy

House training your new puppy is one of the most crucial things to do upon bringing them home – it’s an issue that can cause a lot of stress for people and it’s one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to dogs. The process can take varying lengths of time as different breeds of dogs often learn at different rates. It also depends on what method you use to house train your dog, and three of the most common are described below.

Why You Need To Know Your Dog Walker

One very important asset that is not really categorized by many as having a price tag attached to them is your family pet, particularly your dog. That doesn’t make cats any less important but when it comes to putting a price on our canine friends there are some that are worth significant money. If they happen to be show stock, or come from a good blood line then it could automatically puts a price tag on them in the eyes of the unscrupulous.

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