Chocolate and Dogs Are a Dangerous Combination

Learn why dogs and chocolate do not mix very well, and how to help a dog that has eaten a fatal amount of chocolate. Hint: It involves a trip to the veterinarian’s office!

Which Dog Is Right For You?

Dogs are an incredibly diverse species. Not only do they have an amazing array of of physical characteristics, but even their personality traits and behavioral characteristics differ from one breed to another. There really is a dog that’s ideal for every person, every lifestyle. So, what’s your dog type?

Golden Retriever Training Tips – Train Your Dog The Easy Way

To start training your canine for the first time is very challenging but can also be rewarding. Golden Retrievers train fast and learn tricks easy. To use time sufficiently some Golden Retriever Training Tips are available to help you train your dog.

If You’ve Never Had A Dog, You’ve Never Had A Best Friend

I don’t care how many human friends you’ve had or how long you’ve had them. I don’t care what you and your human friends do or how often you do it. There’s NOTHING like the friendship bond between a human and a dog.

Musings Of a Golden Retriever

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of a dog? What your dog would tell you if he could speak the human language? If so, you might enjoy reading the first letter my dog Sebastian asked me to write…

Guide Dogs 101

There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to guide dogs and what they do and what they do not do, and I am here to save the day if you will. I feel pretty confident in saying that at one time or another, the majority of handlers have been approached by a random person and asked a totally weird question pertaining to their ability and I have actually openly started laughing during such occasions, which is kinda rude I guess but sometimes I just can not help it. I know people are just curious when they see a guy walking down the street with a big black gorgeous Labrador but some of the questions people have asked me have been so out of left field that they simply deserve to be laughed at.

Dog Biscuit Baking Made Easy

So I was cruising around the internet and stumbled across a site featuring homemade dog treat recipes and thought to myself, why not pick one of them and give it a shot? Those who know me, know very well of my lack of fortitude when it comes to baking or anything of the sort which simply makes this even more appealing to me because no matter how horrible my finished product looks and or tastes, Lars will be more than happy enough to scarf it down, being a Labrador and all.

Dog Aggression – Curing Aggressive Dog Behavior

Have you ever wished you could cure your dog of aggression and get your dog to stop being aggressive once and for all? Whether it is dog on dog aggression or an aggressive dog towards other people and children, it is important to take dog aggression training very seriously.

Aloe Vera For Your Pet’s Joint Problems

The problems that people get with joints are not unique to humans; mammals get these problems too as the vast majority of pet owners know. If an animal lives long enough, it is quite normal to find that they will develop problems in their joints, which is due to wear and tear.

What Is A Hot Spot? 5 Dog Skin Symptoms to Look Out For

You may have determined that your dog could be suffering from what people call a ‘hot spot’, but do you know how to identify one? Read this article to discover five hot spot symptoms that anyone can see with a quick look at a dog’s fur.

My Take On Exercise, Patience, and Unwanted Behaviors

Being a regular member of the Cesar Millan Dog Community and Forum for a couple of years now, I’ve been able to learn a lot about dogs and people in a variety of situations. Whether it’s people with decades of experience or the first-time puppy owner, everyone has something to offer….Three things I’ve observed through people’s posts are: 1. There are many dog/human issues; 2. Exercise seems to be lacking in many instances; and 3. People are impatient. Now, I’m not saying that there is a definite correlation between the three; I haven’t done any research on it, but it might be a cool thing to do one day. I AM saying that many of the issues presented are of the human’s doing and something is usually lacking…

5 Reasons to Get a Dog

It seems that the world’s population is split in half: One half owns at least one dog and the other half doesn’t. At present you are part of the non-dog owning population of planet earth and you are entertaining the idea of changing your life’s conditions for the better by becoming a dog owner. But wait! Would that really be such a good idea? Let me tempt you with five good reasons to get a pooch.

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