How Cesar Millan exercises at his ranch!

Teaching a Dog to Lie Down

Teaching a dog to lie down seems difficult sometimes, but it should not be overlooked. It is helpful when you want to calm your dog down or entertaining company. This easy, five step guide, can help you train your dog to lie down in a short amount of time.

Build A Deep Heart Bond With Your Dog

Praise your dog when she comes to you, even if you stood for an hour in the rain. Your dog expects praise when you’re smiling and clapping. If she gets scolded, next time instead of coming when you call, she’ll head the other way. You might fool her once, but remember, she’s taking notes. You will lose her trust if you are not consistent.

The Benefits of Hiring a Pet Care Professional

The benefits of hiring a dog walker or pet sitter for you and your pet. How to choose a pet care professional for you and your pet.

Treating Arthritis in Dogs – A Safe, Effective, Alternative

Dogs have always been considered man’s best friend, but did you know that The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recognized them as playing an important role in people’s general health both mentally and physically? In fact, the CDC has said dogs play a role in lowering blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels. These benefits stem from the fact that our pets are our friends and partners and encourage us as owner’s to interact and exercise.

To Take Your Pet or Not?

Going on a vacation can put a first time pet owner in quite a difficult dilemma. This is because they do not whether to take their furry friend with them or not. For seasoned owners, this is not quite a problem because they understand just what a big deal it is to make this kind of decision. First time owners do not understand this. They do not know that taking their friend on a road trip brings about both good and bad things. This is why, before actually making a decision, they must first understand what exactly they and their pets are getting into. In order to help them with their decision, here are some pros and cons that they should consider.

Saving Your Dog From Heat Stroke

Dogs cannot sweat like people can and special care needs to be taken to protect them from heat stroke. Learn exactly what you need to do to keep your dog safe.

Important Facts About Shedding in Dogs

Shedding in dogs is a natural process, but there are things about it you should know. The following explains the entire process as well as how to keep your dog’s coat as healthy as possible.

Are Your Dogs Afraid Of Thunder And Storms?

Have you ever come across dogs afraid of thunder? It’s not that uncommon. It’s not necessarily the noise itself that scares them, but rather the suddenness of the thunder. It comes out of nowhere.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

We all want our beloved four-legged friends to be around for as long as possible. Although some dogs will develop health problems in their lives, not every one has to. Here are some ways to keep your pet healthy and happy, while preventing costly vet visits.

Boarding Your Puppy or Dog – Which Choice Is Best for Your Pet?

Boarding your puppy or dog is not only stressful for your pet; it’s stressful for you too! Here are a few suggestions to make the experience a positive one.

How To Potty Train A Puppy The Easy Way

Many people will know the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. So if you have recently acquired a fully grown dog that isn’t potty trained then you could well be thinking there’s nothing you can do.

How To Select The Best Pet Boarding Facilities

Although most people would prefer it if their furry friends could accompany them wherever they go there are times when the family dog or cat needs to stay behind. Everyone who needs to leave their pet while they are away wants to find a great boarding facility that will take good care of their cat or dog. Most kennels assure pet owners that they provide excellent care but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

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