Tips To Help Dog Socialization

Dogs are sometimes like humans and that they want to socialize in order that they may know and understand the skills needed to help them live well with other dogs and people. If you have only one dog it will be a little bit hard for your dog to get socialize with other dogs because it does not have any playmate. You will also need to have your dogs trained at the dog socialization clinic.

How Dog Socialization Can Help a Problematic Dog

The breed of dogs is widely known to have different behavior or attitude and this is due to their strong genetic characteristics of their breed. Like for example the sheepdogs that guard and lead sheep are born with the capability to herd or guard livestock and the gundogs that have the natural acceptance of being able to take some loud noise like the gun shots. But other dogs cannot do these things and it really depends upon the breed of the dogs.

Fearful or Shy Dog – Tips to Train for Dog Socialization

Is your dog fearful and shy? When your dog is very much attached with you, and very wary of strangers, your dog may go snapping and growling as well as barking at unfamiliar dogs and people who get very close to it. Your friends may say that your dog is a ‘one- man dog’ however it is a fearful or shy dog.

Expert Dog Walkers and Dog Socialization

The professional dog walker earns a good wage by just walking dogs or by just by looking after them at the dog owner’s house. Though its job description is simple yet it is a great service for some people that really love animals particularly dogs in general. It is not a demeaning work or job and it is a very gratifying work for anyone.

White Blood Cells in Dogs

The function of white blood cells (also called leukocytes) is to defend the body against infection. There are 2 main types of these formed in the bone marrow: phagocytes and lymphocytes. Phagocytes (from the Greek word meaning “to eat”) are cells in the bloodstream and tissues that surround and consume foreign particles, cell waste material, and bacteria.

Benefits Of A Luxury Doghouse

You love your pooch and probably your spouse but let’s face reality there are days that we all may end up in the doghouse. When Fluffy or Spot or Boozer or (your dog’s name here) has to share living quarters with its masters the accommodations have been upgraded substantially from Snoopy’s box home to Luxury Doghouses accommodations.

When to Use Drontal Allwormer

Worming your dogs is highly important and failure to do so can result in a range of problems. Worms are parasites that live in your dog’s stomach and as they do they tend to grow and consume the food that the dog eats.

How to Keep Your Dog From Chewing – Stop Dogs From Chewing on Furniture

We love our dogs but definitely don’t want our dog chewing on our belongings or our furniture. Here are some tips on how to keep your dog from chewing furniture and items that simply don’t belong to him or her.

Advantage For Dogs Over Fleas And Ticks

Every pet owner is aware of the nuisance parasites like fleas and ticks. Not only do they cause irritation and unrest amongst pets, they can also be potentially dangerous as they cause serious infections. Even family members are at risk, as fleas have been known to bite humans.

Yes, Dogs Get Pink Eye Too – Get the Facts on Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Conjunctivitis in dogs, otherwise known pink eye is one of the most common problems in dogs. Learn more about causes, symptoms and treatments.

Pet Theft – Is It On The Rise?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. Research in the U.S shows that dog theft figures have trebled in recent years.

Pet Training for Persistent Barkers

Dogs are good companions. They love unconditionally and will always be there for their owners. When a person walks in the door, the rest of the family may be involved in other tasks, but they can always count on their dog for a warm and enthusiastic welcome.

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