How To Develop Boundaries around Food with your Dog! (Dog Nation Shorts)

How to Clear Dog Rashes

It isn’t just humans who find themselves allergic to food stuffs or the environment. Dogs do too and can suffer from rashes on their bodies, just the same as we do. Other common causes of rashes on a dog are flea, tick and insect bites and infections. If you notice your dog scratching, licking or biting at an area continuously then the chances are he has a rash that is irritating him and causing discomfort.

What Are Good Remedies for Dog Mange?

Is your dog scratching a lot? Have you noticed bald patches, inflamed sore areas and cracked, oozing sores on your dog? The chances are he may have a condition known as mange and he needs treatment fast.

Natural Dog Seizure Treatment Options

Dog seizures or epilepsy are becoming more and more common in today’s world. There are 2 types of seizure – Petit Mal, which are more infrequent and usually only affect a specific group of muscles, or the more severe Grand Mal seizures which are a lot more debilitating.

Is Salmon Oil Good for Dogs?

Salmon oil is one of the best supplements that you could possibly give to you dog. The benefits far outweigh any problems; in fact the only downside to feeding you dog any fish oil supplement is that it can potentially drain Vitamin E supplies from your dog’s body.

How to Treat Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

There is nothing worse than seeing and hearing your dog constantly scratching himself. It’s irritating for you as the owner and even more so for the dog himself. There are so many different things that will cause itchy skin on a dog that there is no one cure for all.

Tips on Feeding Your Puppy

Dogs need to be properly taken care of and trained from birth if we want them to grow into healthy adult pets. Among the most important aspects we need to focus on are their eating habits and overall nutrition. Giving them puppy food to make sure they get the right amount of protein they need is just one of the many things you need to do. You also have to know other essentials to maintain proper diet and health of your pet.

How to Treat Dog Mange

Dog mange is a nasty, debilitating and physically destructive disease if left untreated. Knowing that your dog has mange is the first step to treating it effectively but, unless you check your dog over regularly and take him to the vet at the first sign of anything wrong, the disease can get much worse before it is noticed.

Best Dog Food – Choosing the Ideal Product for Your Pet

You can always buy cheap dog food online or in a physical pet store, but you should also ask yourself if you’re really saving money by doing that. When thinking about what to feed your dog, you might have to consider buying a good quality product to make sure that your dog stays healthy. Taking care of your pet will even be worry-free. While you do have a budget limit you need to work with, you should also think thoroughly what type of product will save you more time, money, and effort in the long run.

Choosing Food for Large Breed Dogs

A large breed dog has a heavier weight, bigger build, and faster growth cycle than one of a small- or medium-breed. Because of these, it has special nutrition needs. Also, since many large breeds are really meant to be working with humans, they need to have the right quality of food and the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. If you own a large breed dog, here are some suggestions on how you should choose its food.

7 Basic Approaches to Work Your Dog’s Mind

Probably the most widespread issues pet dog owners have is the fact that they don’t continue to keep their dogs occupied enough. Whenever a dog becomes bored to tears, they get destructive so when your dog becomes destructive, its masters get angry. But, more often than not, the never-ending cycle is preventable when you just spend time exercising your dog’s body and mind.

Old Mother Hubbard Was Right – Give Your Dog a Bone!

Dogs are carnivores. They have teeth and a digestive system designed to eat meat and bones, whether they are Chihuahuas or Great Danes. Your dog will greatly appreciate being given REAL, RAW bones.

Top Three Secrets to Dog Training Reviewed

A review of the top three secrets to train your dog to behave exactly as you want him to. Secrets to dog training is a revolutionary new program that will forever change the way you train your dog. Read on to know more.

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