How to Introduce Dogs to Newborn Baby

Roughhousing: Dangerous or Innocent?

Many people like to play a little rough with their puppies, but, what does roughhousing mean to the future of the dog, to its behavior as it gets older and bigger? Is roughhousing with your pup a fun time or will it be a regret later on? Can there be a happy balance between roughhousing and calmness?

Dog Dental Hygiene Tips

Studies have shown that 4 out of 5 dogs are showing dental problems before the age of 3. There are many varieties of biscuits on the market that claim to help with the build up of plaque which eventually becomes tartar. Dogs do suffer from gum disease, which in time can mean them losing their teeth.

When Dogs Get Older

Caring for your aging dog can be more difficult than for a puppy or an adult dog. Educate yourself and the changes you’ll see and you’re ahead of the game.

How to Stop Your Dog Barking

Just as a mum becomes a little embarrassed when her child decides to throw a temper tantrum in the presence of strangers, pet owners can suffer a bit of mortification when their dog always greets visitors with a frenzy of barking, especially if good friends or neighbors are involved. Truthfully, although barking is instinctive, it is also a learned behavior that can be redirected when owners take the time and effort to retrain their otherwise lovable canine.

Keep Your Family Safe With These Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Education and training for the entire family is key to dog bite prevention. We need to train the two legged and four legged members of our families about communication and how to act appropriately. Around thirty-nine percent of the US population owns at least one dog, so even if you don’t have a dog, chances are you know someone who does, and you will spend some time around dogs. Please make yourself familiar with these dog bite prevention tips and teach your children the basics of dog bite prevention.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me? Learn To Speak Dog!

Dogs have three ways of communicating what they want. They bark, paw or mouth. We expect them to be bi-lingual. For a better relationship, return the favor.

The Importance Of Dog Grooming

Owning a dog is just like having a baby since you need to take care of it, bathe it, feed it and make sure that you keep your dog clean at all times. Dog grooming is important not only because of the physical appearance of your dog but the fact that a dog’s behavior is sometimes influenced by the way he feels and how we look at them. You have to bear in mind that if your dog is clean and healthy, then it would show how happy your dog would be. It is also essential not only on your pet’s physical health but also his physiological and psychological well-being.

More Overlooked Reasons to Choose A Homemade Dog Food Recipe Vs Processed Food

There are many articles that tout the reasons for choosing a homemade recipe over processed dog food. This article examines several overlooked reasons.

Christmas Is Not The Time For A New Puppy or Dog!

There is nothing more thrilling, than waking up Christmas morning, to find a new puppy under the tree! There is nothing dog trainers would love more, than starting the new year off with Puppy Kindergarten classes packed with happy puppies! However…

Should Your Dog Travel With You?

You’ve decided to take your dog on a trip with you and want to be sure it goes well. Here are some reminders and advice to make the trip as safe and fun as possible.

Cooling Bed For Dogs – 3 Tips For Selecting The Right Choice

Dogs can end up getting warm or even hot in the summer months especially if they’re active. Keeping them cool in the hotter days of summer can be hard, but it is possible, it is just a matter of considering several aspects for long-term usage.

Calling All Dogs: Food Gulping Days Are Over!

Many dog owners are aware of the health dangers of their dogs eating too fast. Unfortunately, these dog owners only found a very limited choice of dog feeders which would modify their dog’s behavior, and which are also attractive and stylish.

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