How To Leash Train Your Puppy (Dog Tips)

Dog Jumpers Are More Than Just Costumes

Chances are you’ve seen dogs dressed up for a contest in cute dog jackets made to make them look like a different animal or even a human child. The truth is, dog coats are for more than just little purse dogs toted around by owners who wish their pet to match their own personal style. There are several good reasons to dress up your dog that have nothing to do with looks.

Why Bother Walking the Dog?

Let’s face it, we’re busy. There’s dinner to be made, laundry to get done and walking the dog seems to be the least urgent thing demanding our attention. Or, is it?

Where to Start With Puppy Training

It’s easy to get confused, and a little overwhelmed, with puppy training. So much so, that many potential dog owners simply avoid dog ownership. But this doesn’t have to be the case. By following some easy steps and showing a little patience, life can be so much easier for you, and you dog!

But For The Love Of A Pit Bull

This story is to share the joy of having a pit bull. It is also to prove that breed discrimination is wrong and can deny people the chance to have great dogs.

How to Treat Dog Hotspots

Dog hotspots normally occur when your dog continuously licks, bites and worries at one particular area of his body. Common causes of this are flea or insect bites that are irritating your dog or, if the skin gets wet or grazed, bacteria can get in starting off an infection. Also, if your dog does not have enough zinc in its skin, he will also be more susceptible to infection.

Can Dogs Cry?

If you have ever wondered if dogs cry, there is no need to wonder anymore. The answer is yes. This is a very sad story of love from my dog.

Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas

Dog fleas are pests that should be eliminated as soon as possible. Their presence threatens not only the health of dogs but humans as well.

Why Fromms Dog Food Is the Absolute Best Dog Food You Can Get!

When you begin investigating Fromm dog food you will quickly see that they actually have 3 main product lines in their brand. The main reason for this is very simple, they do this in order to meet the particular requirements of your canine regardless of the age group or needs it may have. Fromm Dog Food Products have Gourmet, Four Star recipes that contain different proteins in them which includes pork, chicken, fish, and goose.

Does A Dog Remember?

Have you ever heard of the theory that a dog has no ‘episodic memory?’ This means that he does not have the ability to ‘remember’ personally experienced events and situations in the past; he is ‘stuck in time’ living only in the present. Well, I’m no academic expert on animal behavior, but I’ll tell you something, our dog Daniel sure could ‘remember’!

Breed Breakdown: Great Dane

The profile of the Great Dane provides information about the temperament, characteristics and appearance of the breed. It also provides information regarding the history and health traits of the Great Dane.

Dangers Of Over-Vaccinating Your Dog

Dog vaccination involves some risk as any medical procedure does. The benefit far outweighs the risk. In some cases, a dog may experience pain, swelling, allergic reactions or even overstimulated immune systems that attack the dog’s own tissue, which results in blood, thyroid, nervous system or skin diseases.

A Q and A On Dog Health

Having a dog is a major commitment as a healthy dog can live as long as 20 years. Many dog owners treat their dogs as members of the family, and for good reason. Dogs are loyal, lovable and protective and bring companionship and joy to the lives of owners.

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