How To Stop Dog Pulling! (Dog Nation Tips) w/ Cesar Millan!

How to Sell a Dog

This is probably the most heartbreaking question that a dog owner could ever possibly ask. Parting from their beloved will definitely be a depressing moment for most dog owners, however there might numerous reasons that dog owners might have to let go of their dog and sell it.

What You May Not Know About the English Bulldog

Did you know that Bulldogs were originally bred for Bull Baiting. That the breeds appearance was much different than with today’s bulldogs. Did you also know why Bulldogs are considered to be a man made breed?

Dog Training Aggressive Dogs – 6 Starting Points To Get Your Dog Under Control

Dog training for aggressive dogs can be done with the right guidance. Follow the advice below to learn ways to redirect your dog’s aggression so that he becomes a loving member of your family.

Chinese Dog Breeds – Symbols of Luck and Protection

Chinese New Year, which occurs on January 23rd, 2012, will mark the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. The Chinese use animals to represent each of their zodiac signs: the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, pig, rat…and dog.

Constipation Problem

When your Pekingese dog has to forcefully defecate, it is understood that the dog is suffering from constipation. From the colon, the feces find it extremely difficult to evacuate and bowel movements become infrequent.

Help Improve the Mobility of Your Dog by Using Dog Joint Supplements

Pets that pass a certain age regularly have problems with their joints. While most people believe that there is nothing that can be done about this, this is in fact false, as there are things that can, and should be done. This article is here to provide information on one such solution.

Lyme Disease – Protection

Protect your Pekingese against Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a disease found in dogs, especially Pekinese Dogs. Spirochete bacteria called bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi is acquired by an infected tick’s bite.

The Secret to Effective Dog and Puppy Training

Would you like to train your dog or puppy without having to use expensive trainers or other methods? Here’s the real secret to effective training that all the experts use.

Does Your Dog Have Bad Breath? Here’s What You Should Do

What Causes Dog Bad Breath. How does your dog smell is one of the oldest jokes in the world, but no joke when it’s bad breath on the dog. Giving your dog the love they deserve can be a little off putting when you almost faint with the smell of the dogs breath, so why does it happen

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Constipated?

How can you tell if your dog is constipated? What are some things you can do to help your dog if he is? Learn some simple tips to help prevent dog constipation.

A Quick Analysis of Dog Food Ideas

Food is a source of energy and a balanced diet is what makes for a healthy life. Be it humans or animals, the source of energy for them is food. Food guarantees a fit and a healthy body.

Are Breed-Specific Pitbull Supplements Required for Optimal Pitbull Health?

Like human athletes, particularly athletic dogs have unique supplement offerings that claim to be specifically targeted for their needs. Pitbull supplements are no different: APBT-specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrient compounds are numerous and widely available.

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