How to Stop Your Dog From Barking w/ Cesar Millan! (Dog Nation Shorts)

You, A Pet, And Apartment Living

There is an old saying, “Look before you leap”. This is a very true statement when you live in an apartment and you are considering pet ownership. Ask yourself, “Am I really ready to take on the commitment of pet ownership and the responsibility while living in an apartment?”

10 Great Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

Many people are unsure if they want to adopt a shelter dog for a variety of reasons. However, the reasons to adopt a shelter dog far outweigh the reasons not to. Learn more!

Hypothermia and Frostbite in Dogs – How to Detect, Manage and Prevent

Hypothermia and frostbite in dogs can be a problem during the cold winter months. Know how to recognize the symptoms and help manage the problem should it happen to your dog.

Housetraining Your Puppy – It’s Not Too Hard, You Can Do It!

Housetraining your puppy can be one of the most difficult processes after bringing puppy home. However, if you are consistent with training and use positive reinforcement, your puppy will be trained in no time!

Dog Hot Spots – Causes, Symptoms and What To Do

When you hear of a “hot spot” you don’t always think of a skin condition that can occur in dogs. However, dog hot spots, also known as acute moist dermatitis, are red, moist, hot and irritated lesions. These typically occur on a dog’s head, hip or chest area.

Finding a Reputable Pet Sitter

Are you looking to find a trustworthy person to care for your dog while you are away? There are lots of options including pet sitters and kennels with all kinds of different certifications, references, insurance, and facilities. We will discuss different ways to choose a pet sitter so that your dog gets the best care.

Dog Meet and Greet

When you are walking your dog, do you meet other new dogs in the neighborhood? What is the best way to approach another dog without having a nightmare confrontation? We will discuss the right way to approach a new dog on the street when walking your dog.

Training the Tiny Guard Dog

Terrible tiny attack dog? As funny as it sounds, your six pound pooch can be better than a can of mace in some situations. Learn how to turn your little lap dog into a mighty attack dog.

In Kennel Dog Training – 4 Rules To Follow So You Will Never Have To Clean Up Behind Your Dog

Are looking for an easy way to go about kennel dog training your dog? We have provided you with 4 simple rules to follow to ensure that this type of training proves to be a success for you.

Training A Dog To Fetch In 4 Simple Steps – Now You Will Be That Proud Dog Owner

Training a dog to fetch can be achieved in 4 simple steps. When you learn these steps you’ll have the ability to use it on your dog and you two will be playing fetch successfully.

Training Your Dog To Come: What To Do And What Not To Do Revealed In Step-By-Step Fashion

Training your dog to come can be a simple thing to do. If you’d like your dog to come to you the first time you call him, I reveal the exact technique used step-by-step to make that wish of yours a reality.

Who’s the Boss? Working at Home With Your Dog

So you’ve finally found a work-at-home position. This is great news! You can be more productive than ever.

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