How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Trash off the ground! (Better Human Better Dog)

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs The Safe And Natural Way

You feel for your dog every time you see them scratch themselves to shreds. But before you decide to break out the over the counter flea medicine, think twice. Those chemical flea treatments can irritate your dogs skin and even have lingering side effects.

Rover Reports From Guernsey

Guernsey is such a relaxing and beautiful place to visit; it would be a shame not to bring your dog too. Getting your dog to Guernsey is easier than you think. There is no charge for dogs travelling in cars on Condor Ferries and foot passengers can bring their dog in a carrier for an additional fee of 10 GBP each way.

All Dogs Go To Devon

We usually go on holiday to Cornwall. This year we fancied a change and wondered whether we could find a slice of holiday heaven for us and our dog in Devon. The first point in its favour is that it’s quicker to get to Devon, unless of course you already live in Cornwall.

Important Information Concerning Dog Toy Storage

Here are a few of the more advantageous facts you need to consider in regards to dog toy storage… Just about all dog toy storing boxes are a type of dog accessory that lets you keep all your dog’s favorite toys in one spot and prevents them from being cluttered around the carpet. They include the distinctive characteristics of different designs, materials and sizes that can fit varying quantities of toys. Commonly they are popular with dog owners that routinely trip over puppy toys scattered on the ground. Some particulars you must be familiar with when it comes to puppy toy storage boxes as a selection for a type of dog accessory are talked about below.

Using A Dog Harness, Food Supplements And Hydrotherapy To Help Dogs With Joint Problems

The loss of mobility becomes a huge issue as a dog gets older, and nobody wishes to see his or her dog struggle to move around the house. Fortunately, there are several treatments available. The information in this article is here to explain the effectiveness of such treatments for dogs.

Dog Ticks: Holistic Solutions To Prevent And Treat Them

Dog ticks are one of the most unwanted pet parasites, and they can cause a host of health problems for your dog. In this article you will learn what the more common ticks are, the signs of ticks, and common diseases they cause. Most importantly you’ll learn the best ways to treat and prevent ticks on your dog with natural options.

Important Information Regarding Dog Outfits

Close to all puppy clothes are a dog accessory that make it possible to dress up your puppy for special events or keep them snug in winter. They have the specific qualities of various sizes and a variety of designs or colors to match your own personal preferences. This article details some of the more helpful details you should consider when it comes to dog clothes…

Sports Mascots With Bite

For all you sports enthusiasts, now is one of the most exciting times of the year. The March Madness Tournament is underway to determine college basketball’s National Champion. The Spartans, Tar Heels, Blue Devils, Buckeyes, and many more are showing up to “The Big Dance”, fighting for the right to be called the best of the best.

Getting Ready for Dog Shedding

Did you realize just how much extra dog hair would come into your house from shedding? We’ll explain why dogs shed, why some breeds shed more than others, and what you can do to keep the extra dog hair from taking over your home.

How To Toilet Train A Puppy

Toilet Training A Puppy: This is not as simple as toilet training a baby. You have to begin toilet training early for your puppy to get the right idea when it wants to use the toilet. You have to be vigilant about this process for it to become a success. This is all about you getting it right, not your puppy.

Motivation Vs Correction In Proper Dog Training

As a professional dog trainer my job is to understand dog behavior, diagnose negative behavior, and design programs to fix unwanted behavior. In the process of doing that it is helpful to understand root causes for all behavior, what drives it and what motivates it.

Petmeds – Flea and Tick Control

“Petmeds – Flea and Tick Control” is not only an article that will give you some insight on the most vet approved and used product to control fleas and ticks but will also discuss some interesting facts about them as well. First let us discuss how much you know about these critters that make our lives and the lives of our pets miserable. In my opinion the worst is the flea so let us start with that.

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