How To Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People w/ Cesar Millan!

10 Simple Facts About Demodectic Mange Treatment Explained

If you’re wanting some simple facts about demodectic mange treatment, then you will want to read this article. You will get an idea about what is involved in treatment, if demodex mange is contagious and what important nutrient is needed to speed up treatment. After reading this article, you will be able to get by your dog’s demodex mange treatment with no stress involved.

Pet Insurance – Do You Have It?

Pet insurance is one of those things that many pet owners hear about, and file away in the back of their minds in the ‘oh maybe I should get that for my own dog’ file,’ only to lose that so-called file and eventually regret doing so. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of this myself, and it has cost me thousands of dollars over the years.

Unique Pitbull Health Challenges

Pitbulls are amazingly loving, devoted companions and some of the strongest dogs in the world. However, the very breeding that has made them such good pets has also left them predisposed to some unique health challenges.

Choosing A Dog Ramp For Your Car

This guide will prevent you from making a costly mistake. Many people think dog ramps are all the same and will spend money on the wrong one. This guide will tell you exactly what to look for for your individual needs. Hope this helps!

A Survey Of Common Dog Health Problems

Canine health can be just as demanding and difficult to maintain as human wellness. Keeping your canine companion in top form requires more than just knowing how to feed him and care for him: you need to understand the warning signs for the most common forms of dog illness. Lyme Disease Transmitted by ticks, this disease is common to humans and canines both.

Handling Blindness Caused By Cataracts In Dogs

If left untreated, cataracts in dogs lead almost inevitably to blindness and disability. In addition, cataracts in dogs caused by diabetes can lead to even more complications which may potentially become life threatening.

Rescue Dogs Can Change Your Life When They Become Part Of Your Family

Are you thinking about adopting a new dog into your family? Read on to learn more about choosing a rescue dog as your new best friend and family member.

Should Dogs Be Treated As One of the Family?

If you are a dog owner, chances are you love that animal like a member of the family. But just as there are rules for children and all family members, there are rules for dogs. And the sooner you teach your dog obedience, the easier life will be.

3 Tips For Handling Your Dachsund With Back Problems And Improving Their Life

The greatest fear that all Dachshund owners have is that their dog will have a back or neck injury. In far too many cases, damage to the spine or neck will paralyze the dog or in worst cases, cause it to be put to sleep. Many of these dachshund back and neck issues can be avoided if the Dachshund owner uses some common sense and takes precautions.

Heartgard Plus for Dogs

A dog is literally a man’s best friend. This is an animal that will always be there for you, that will never fall out with you, that will never turn its back on you, and that will always think you’re the bee’s knees.

Learn About The Three Mistakes You Must Avoid When Treating Demodex Mange

If you are wanting to get rid of demodectic mange without spending hundreds of dollars or making the problem worse than there are 3 mistakes you need to avoid. They are delaying treatment, not keeping up with your dogs hygiene and not providing a healthy diet for your dog. In this article I will explain a little about the mistakes you can avoid.

Names For Black and White Dogs

So you have decided to adopt a dog or puppy and welcome him/her into the family. Congratulations! The addition of new pet is an exciting time for everybody, hopefully you have taken the initiative in learning everything you can about dog care before claiming your new, four-footed friend. When you are confident enough to know how to care for your new dog, all that’s left is thinking up a new name for your pet if he/she doesn’t have one.

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