HOW TO: Teach ANY dog to walk PERFECT on leash 🤫

Cleaning Your House With Pets

Cleaning your house with pets can be a struggle, but there are effective ways to control the odor and pet stains that naturally come when you are a pet owner. This daily struggle can be handled in many ways. Just a few are listed here.

My Pet Is Limping – Why? Reasons To Evaluate Treatments

Limping is not a common problem in pets, but surely cause a lot of discomfort when it occurs. Evaluating the reasons and providing the right treatment can help furry pal with this problem and relieve them from pain.

Events – Fun or Phobia – Tips to Help Your Pet Fight Against Noise Phobias

Many pets have noise phobia, of which most pet owners are unaware of. Look at the signs to find whether your furry pal is suffering from noise anxiety during festivals or celebrations. The tips here will help ease this phobia.

5 Simple Tips to Groom Your Pet and Save a Few Bills

Thinking to groom your pet to save some money, then go ahead with these few easy tips. You will not only groom your pet but also will leave him feeling fresh and relaxed with a pampered treat.

Animal Languages

Animals to communicate with humans use animal language. The animal language is a modified version of early human language itself only that animals lack complexity and are less expressive. Great ape language is a means to communicate among apes such as bonobos, orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas. Humans communicate with these animals using sign language, lexigrams, yerkish and physical tokens. Jacques Vauclair, Francine Patterson and David Premack are well-known researchers in great ape language.

Wood Flooring for Pet Owners

Pets, particularly dogs, are notorious for scratching up wood flooring. They can slip on wood flooring too, especially when they get older.

Parents, Children and Pets

Children are brilliant at playing their parents, especially when it comes to getting a pet. But all too often it’s the parents who have to ensure that those pets are provided with ongoing care and attention once the initial interest has worn off. Here’s one Dad’s attempt to ensure that didn’t happen.

How to Spot Bad Pet Advice

There is a lot of misguided information floating around out there about your pet’s health and well-being. Don’t let bad advice bring your pet down!

Summer Scratching – Is It a Flea Allergy?

The reason your dog or cat is miserable this summer could be because of a flea allergy! They can be difficult to spot, but are easy to fix!

Rapid Growth Rates Seen In World Pet Markets

Recently, I was speaking to some strategy consultants who are working with a client in the pet grooming and pet care industry, and here are some of the latest insights in this fast-growing and ever-booming industry that might catch you by surprise! Fact #1: World pet industry continues its accelerated climb Despite the global recession, worldwide sales of pet-related products and services continued to swell to $81 billion in 2010! According to market research firm Euromonitor, the exponential growth rate enjoyed by the global pet industry has been on track since 2000, and is set to…

How to Click a Perfect Photo of Your Pet

We all have seen the cute photos of lovely pets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other media. We also want to post a cute photo of our pet and post it there. But whenever we snap the pet refuses to give the right kind of photo. However there are some secret reasons why the other pets are so camera friendly.

Keep Your Pets Ready for Disaster

We all hope that a disaster will never happen to us. Sadly, it seems like daily we are hearing about another family or community being struck with devastation and tragedy. It may be difficult to imagine what those poor victims are going through unless you have been there yourself. If not, it’s really important to remember that it can happen to you and the best way to survive a disaster is to be prepared. When I say prepared I mean your whole family, pets included.

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