Dog Proofing Your Living Space

Having pets is a wonderful joy in life, but there are many things we need to be a aware of in order to provide a safe and enjoyable home for them. Here are some tips and reminders to be aware of when caring for your dogs.

Interesting Facts About Beagles

Learn some interesting facts about beagles, the lovable dog breed! Information about one of the most popular breeds.

Keeping Kidneys Safe: Kidney Disease In Dogs and Cats

One of the questions we ask of our new clients is how they hear about us. Many of them found us by doing research – mostly online – for natural and effective ways to help improve their pet’s current health problems. Allergies, digestion, arthritis, cancer – these are all pet health problems that we come across on a regular basis (and it’s interesting to note that these are common diseases in humans too!

How to Crate Train Your Puppy for Beginners

This article explains how to crate train a puppy. Everything you need to know to successfully complete this very important stage of training is contained here.

The Benefits of Having A Dog

If you ask any dog owner, they’re going to let you know that owning a dog has enhanced their lives in untold ways. If you have been considering getting a dog yourself, there are certainly many different reasons why it is a good idea to do so.

Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing Behavior

With the strong jaw and sharp-pointed teeth of your dog, his inappropriate chewing habit can damage your appliances, household items and personal possessions. Before all your things get damaged and before you lose your temper, you have to learn how to stop your dog’s destructive chewing behavior.

Put an End to the Digging Habit of Your Dog

Your dog should know that expressing himself should not be at the expense of your garden or flowerbeds. You can keep your garden in one piece and at the same time allow your dog to express himself and indulge in his digging habit from time to time if your dog has developed the right attitude about digging. So how can you resolve this problem and put an end to the digging habit of your dog?

Stop Leash Pulling Now In One Simple Step

It can be aggravating when your dog pulls the leash constantly during a walk. Just remember, your dog is probably in good company with 99% of the rest of her canine brothers and sisters. Nearly every dog is guilty of this infraction.

Training a Dog to Walk on a Leash

One thing that most dog owners face problems with while training their pets is teaching them loose leash walking. The tips that will follow have been compiled after taking interviews of dog owners and professional trainers. These are sure to make the training process much simpler.

Tips to Train Your Pup Well

If you want your puppy to grow up into a dog that loves your family and is loved by your entire family, there are quite a few things that you would need to teach it from when it’s really small. Dogs are similar to children and they need a few rules to live by. Usually when we find puppies chewing on our cushions at home we take pictures and find it cute, but it’s these very puppies that would grow up to chew on everything they get their mouths on.

Pet Relocation Worldwide: International Migration For Your Pet

Sometimes moving to a different country is inevitable. Moving your pet with you may require necessary preparations to ensure a comfortable relocation for your pet.

Understanding Candida Yeast in Dogs: Finding a Solution

Humans and dogs alike have favorable bacteria in the body. These unicellular organisms remain dormant, promoting healthy growth; but when it progresses to a compromising status, controlling the pressing symptoms is a problem.

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