How to Train Your Puppy to STOP SNAPPING at YOU, YOUR FAMILY & YOUR PETS! Reality Dog Training

The Importance of Dog Training Collars

Today dog collars come with many gadgets which are helpful to train a dog and help him to obey orders. They are not harmful but helpful…

Training Your Puppy To The Collar And Leash

One of the first things you must do with a new puppy is to get him used to his collar and leash. Fortunately this is not too hard to do, but it may take a little while. The first thing to ensure is that you get the right size of collar for the puppy.

To Stop Dog Barking, Teach The Woof and Shush Command

You’re probably reading this article to find tips on how to stop dog barking, so it might sound odd when I say that first you should teach your dog to bark – on command that is. To start this exercise your dog should be calm and relaxed. Take your dog to your front door or where he usually hears someone knocking on the door or ringing the bell.

Is Your Dog Afraid Of Storms?

Dogs can be afraid of storms because of the sound of thunder and of the howling wind. Make sure that you know how to keep your dog calm during the storm.

Crate Training Puppies

Crate training a puppy is as easy as 1–2–3. Follow the steps outlined in the article and your puppy will love it’s safe place…the crate.

Overview of the Standards and Characteristics on the Poodle Breed

Poodles range from, teacup size under 5 inches tall, to royal size, over 20 inches tall. This is one breed of dog, and not breeds of poodles. General information about breed of poodles.

Finding The Best Dog Sitters

Are you searching for the best dog sitters? Or is it hard for you to decide which one of the prospective sitters you found will be the best one that will provide the needed services for your dogs? Chances are, the dog sitter that your dogs like more will then be a better choice since they are the ones who will be spending a lot of time together when you are not around.

Toxic Foods List: Avoid Giving Your Dog These Toxic Table Foods!

Feeding pets table scraps often seems like a nice way to treat your pet to something tasty. However, many people don’t realize that feeding their pet table scraps is not always in their best interest and could even put the dog’s health at risk. Unfortunately, many of the foods that we enjoy can actually be harmful to dogs.

Death Of Pets On Airline Flights

The number of Dogs deaths on-board airlines is alarming. You need to be aware of the restrictions each airline has when you are traveling with your pets.

Dog Arthritis – How To Prevent It

Sadly it is a very common medical condition in both humans and animals. Essentially it is an inflammation in a joint, and it can affect any part of your dog’s body. The major effects are pain, problems in moving, and swelling of the joints. The wear and tear of normal daily use of the joints is a big reason. Other reasons can be obesity, joint infections, dislocation, immune system illness, muscle, ligament or tendon injury.

Herding Dogs: The Top Five To Get You Started

Ranchers and farmers alike have made great use of them, but the common man have found that these herding dogs breeds also make great house pets. They are highly intelligent dogs and training them, if done properly, would result to well-behaved, obedient dogs.

Types of Dogs: The Three Most Popular

Knowing which type of dog would suit you and your personality is very important. Getting an active and noisy dog while you live in an apartment spells disaster. In this article, you would get to read about the top three most popular dog types. Read on and you may just find something that could be perfect for you.

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