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One Way To Protect Your Dog From Allergies Is To Delete Wheat From His Dog Food

The absence of wheat in your dog’s food, can help him in many ways. It can help fight allergies that are associated with dog food containing wheat. There are other areas of your dogs nutrition that also suffer from feeding him dog food containing wheat.

Everything You Need to Know About the Tosa Inu

The Japanese Tosa has been bred for hundreds of years in Japan. They were bred in the old Tosa Province, now known as the Kochi prefecture. This breed was developed between 1868 and 1912 by crossbreeding the Kochi and Shikoku with Western dog breeds such as the German Pointer, Mastiff, Great Dane, Bulldog, St. Bernard and the Bull Terrier. The Japanese Tosa was originally bred as a fighting dog. At one time the Tosa province was one of top dog fighting areas. The Japanese Tosa was bred in the art of Japanese dog fighting – relentless and silent. The Japanese Tosa is banned in some countries as a dangerous breed. However, with proper socialization, handling and training the Japanese Tosa can make a wonderful family dog.

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth – Tips You Must Know

Preventing dental decay in your dog’s mouth is key to the long-term health of your dog. Tooth decay causes a build up of plaque that can cause bad breath, and ultimately can lead to liver and kidney problems for your dog. Many dogs won’t let you brush their teeth so quickly, so here are some tips to keep your dog’s teeth clean and sparkly.

Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Chins

The Japanese Chin brought to Japan somewhere around the year 732. The origin of the Chin remains a matter of controversy as some agree that the source of the breed was China. Many believe that the Japanese Chin dog was given as a gift to the Empress of Japan from Korea in the mid 6th century. In any case the Japanese Chin dog reflects Japanese sensibilities. It was bread in Japan to be a dog strictly for pleasure and companionship and not a working dog. The ownership of the Japanese Chin was strictly reserved for those of royal and noble blood.

Fencing in a Sports Dog

If you have space and want to allow your hunter, retriever or large dog lots of room to roam without the fear of him going too far, then a sports dog fencing system is right for you. An underground electric dog fence made for Labradors and hound dogs, sheppards and Pyrenees is perfect because it allows flexibility and distance for the run.

5 Tips To Get Your Dog To Come on Command

Are you afraid to let your dog off leash because he won’t come when called? Learn how to get your dog to come on command. It’s easier than you think. Here are 5 really simple tips to get your dog to come whenever you call.

Dangerous Dogs

Some of the dangerous dogs are turned into vicious animals by their owners. For example, the Bull Mastiff and the Stafford Bull Terrier are very good family dogs, as long as the owners don’t demonize them. Some owners torture the dogs to make them aggressive.

Boxer Dogs Make Great Pets and Friends

Whether they are chewing on our best throw pillows or making a mess eating, boxer dogs are the best. They make great pets and even better friends.

What To Do For Symptoms From Dog Food Allergies

Does your dog have allergies? Food allergies are common part of everyday human life and also occur in dogs. So what can you do if your dog is allergic to to their dog food? Let’s look at some symptoms and what to try to give your dog food for allergies.

The Truth Behind How To Train Dogs

Nearly 80 percent of humans own dogs or have experienced a dog preceding during their life span. Showing us the amount dogs indicate to people, and how we’ve got to express back this kindness with sufficient puppy training methods back to them. When you begin to practice your dog realize that it doesn’t have similar magnitude of brain power as you may provide.

Stop Your Dog Chewing Furniture With This Two-Step Approach

If your dog is chewing the furniture it’s likely to be much too expensive a problem to ignore. But in order to stop it happening, you must first accept that chewing is absolutely normal dog behaviour and that you’ll never get rid of their urge to chew completely. Here’s a 2-step approach to saving your furniture from further destruction.

Five Tips on Choosing a Good Dog Coat for Winter

The article below summarizes the key things to take note of when choosing a dog coat during winter. A winter dog coat can vary in several attributes and can also depend on the type of dog. You obviously would not get a Siberian husky a winter coat in a tropical country or a hot state like Western Australia. So how do you make this choice? Please read the article below and hopefully your choice will become easier. Make sure you have a flexible measuring tape to measure your dog before you begin.

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