I meet an AGGRESSIVE Greyhound! (Leader of the Pack)

Long Haired Vs Short Haired Dogs

When choosing a dog to rescue or adopt, one of the options you may have available to you is a long or short haired breed. This option may at first sound like a mere aesthetic choice, but can actually have ramifications beyond simply how your dog looks, and should therefore be considered carefully before your choice is made.

Tips to Help Your Dog Enjoy His Happy Life

Dogs should always be wearing a collar, even when bathing! Contained within the dogs collar should be some sort of tag mentioning the name of the dog, the pet owners name and address to be sure that if your pet is lost it has a chance at being returned. Also make use of a leash while you’re taking your pet out for a walk. If you have a pool at your home it will save you a lot of headaches by teaching your pup not to get close to the pool.

How To Bathroom Train a Papillon, Shit Zhu, Labrador – Easy Ways to Bathroom Train Your Pet

Owning a dog for a pet requires enough knowledge as to the type of dog that suits well your environment and your personality. If you got all the time to care for a dog, maybe you would choose toy dogs or those cute and cuddly papillons, shit zhus or Labradors. Upon the arrival of the new member of the house, the puppy must then be oriented to his/her new environment.

Teach Fido To Use His Toy Box

As a visually impaired person, I should be more vigilant when it comes to making sure that the floor of my apartment is clear of anything that could cause me discomfort when stepped on, marrow bones being of the perfect size to cause me major pain, as an example. Lars is totally spoiled when it comes to the number of bones he has the choice of when he decides to enjoy a chew, but to my chagrin, he tends to leave them all over the place which sooner or later results in me stepping on one of them and vowing to teach Lars to put his stuff away when he is finished!

Helpful Tips For Dog Obedience Problems

A well-behaved dog is certainly a joy to everyone – not just to the owner but also to all individuals the pet interacts with. Thus, it is necessary that dog owners implement a training on dog obedience. The training becomes even more challenging if the training involves puppies.

Tips When Looking for Miniature Australian Shepherds Breeders

A variety of additions to the Australian Shepherd family have come along in recent years. Most of these additions have come in the form of incorporating a variety of size specification for the Aussie.

Why Are Poodles Popular?

The Breed of Poodle has been one of the most popular dogs for a very long time. With good reason, they are smart, they don’t shed, easy for people with allergies and just wonderful.

About English Bulldog Puppies

English bulldog puppies are about as cute as they come. Everyone falls in love with these pups from the moment they lay eyes upon them.

The Cockapoo – A Mix of The Poodle and Cocker Spaniel Breeds

What happens when a Poodle is mixed with a Cocker Spaniel? Could this be the dog for you, a Cockapoo. Poodle Breeds are common, why?

Canine Massage Therapy Succeeds

Two dogs and the owner discover that challenging on their own, a well-known community organization, was futile, the only way for the truth to be unfolded was to hire an attorney. At first, this step seem an unreal path, because of the expense. But, this expense for some reason was secondary to the health of her dogs, and other dogs that may face the same situation. But, it took more than the frequent court proceedings to overcome the dogs’ debilitation; it took the one person’s emotional drive, patience, perseverance, and compassion to recover all.

Benefits of Using a Self Service Dog Wash

How can using a Self-Service Dog Wash facility save you money and help you to bond more with your pet? Check out this article as the author discusses the advantages of using such a service.

Bichon Frise Problems: Temperament

Of their many wonderful qualities, the bichon’s delightful temperament may be one of the biggest draws for prospective owners. The two biggest bichon frise problems associated with temperament are fear aggression and separation anxiety. In this article we will look at symptoms of these problems and how to avoid them.

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