I took this totally untrained dog in public for the first time & HE LASHED OUT. Reality Dog Training

Train Your Dog The Right Way

Do you want to learn how to train your dog?. This article will help you learn what you need to know first.

2 Grooming Styles for Poodles

The one Poodle style that people tend to think of most is the one where the poodle has fluffy poms (pompoms) around the feet, hair around the mane area and a closely shaved body. But this is just 1 of many poodle styles. If you are considering a dog grooming career you most likely have already wondered how you would manage all the different poodle clips. Generally speaking, you will find that the various styles come under 2 broad categories: either clips for showing or pet clips requested by non-competing poodle owners.

How To Determine The Best Dog Vitamins

Good pet vitamins can do a lot to assist your canine companion’s nutrition. They can potentially help reverse chronic conditions, and even add years to your pet’s life. However, giving your dog the care he or she needs isn’t as simple as picking up pet supplements off the shelf and giving them the recommended dose.

Dog Food Allergies – Causes and Symptoms

When it comes to dog health issues one problem that has always amazed pet owners is allergies related to dog food. This is a major health concern of dog owners, as it does not appear immediately. It may take weeks or even months for diagnosing allergies related to food.

Be Consistent With Dog Training!

When trying to train your dog, consistency is probably the most important rule for you to follow. All too often, family or friends come by and they can set the training methods back by confusing your dog. We’ll show you some ways to keep your dog training on track.

Its a Dog’s Life With Solvit Dog Products

I don’t know about you, but my little dog is the light of my life and my constant companion. She’s a little crossbred dog of uncertain origins but with an exuberant and joyous outlook on life. I love taking her places: walks in the mountains, the beach, long cycle rides in the countryside. It’s such glorious fun sharing these activities with her.

Transitioning a New Dog

After choosing your new dog, do you have a plan to transition them properly into your home? The key is preparation, which includes training, bonding time, exploration, exercise, and potty breaks.

Dog Sounds

Are you able to communicate with your dog? When your dog barks, growls, or whines, your dog is trying to tell you something. We’ll go through a variety of dog sounds with you so you can have a better relationship with your dog.

Mutt Soup Or Divine Whine

Making a decision to get a dog or puppy is something that should be well thought out, not done on a whim. Your personality and lifestyle play an important role in how you should proceed. Learn about the dog or breed you’re considering before getting it. Choose wisely.

Signs of Labor in Dogs

There is nothing more adorable than welcoming some puppies into your household, seeing as this means there will be more pets for the rest of the family to play with. Yet, you need to remember when this situation is about to happen, since you’ll have to prepare for it. After all, not every dog out there may be born with a maternal instinct, and you ought to ensure you educate them how to build up their sense of fostering and guarding over their babies. Below are some vital points to take into consideration in dog care.

Dog Stairs Why Your Family Dog Needs Them

Many of us think pet stairs are only a luxury item for the dogs. It is often thought that only human beings need stairs to function in this world. Well that is far from the truth, dogs need the means to gain access elevated locations in the world.

The Pros and Cons of The French Bulldog Temperament

Although some may find the American Bulldog’s shape and appearance to be scary, its miniaturized version, the French bulldog temperament doesn’t have the exact same vibe. And the other difference that the Frenchie has over its American version is it is more at home and indoors.

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