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Bringing a New Puppy Home

How you’ve prepared, and the first few hours after you bring home a puppy will make a difference to whether you’ll have a well balanced good natured or a problem dog in the future. Getting it right from the start will make a difference to what type of four legged companion you’ll have beside you for the next 15 or so years.

Retriever – 7 Compelling Reasons to Own a Labrador

We should thank nature for providing us this wonderful breed. Labradors serve us in different ways: They lead the blind, rescue the injured, secure our borders and…

The Scoop On Dog Houses

Dog houses are small shelters kept outside to protect dogs from the elements of nature. They assure that the dog is protected from heat and cold and has plenty of water.

Determining The Best Large Dog House For A Canine

Pets needs a space of their own, particularly in the case of dogs. A dog is a naturally territorial creature and having a space that is specifically for the dog can make a new home comfortable. Finding the best large dog house for a particular…

Clicker Training and You: Why and How?

Clicker Training is the most effective way to train a dog. It’s quick/easy to understand for humans and dogs. Clicker training is a generic term for “training using a reward marker”.

How to Adopt a Dog – Guidelines

We all love pets. Having a pet in the house is a desire of every person who loves animals. Among the group of animals, the dog has been known to be man’s best friend from time immemorial.

How To Choose Your Beagle

Before deciding which breeder you should go to buy your beagle, first clarify why you want the dog. If you’re looking for a family pet then consider Beagle rescue organisations, your local pound or any reputable beagle breeder. If you’re planning to show the dog or think you might like to then go to your local dog shows and ask around for the names of beagle breeders that have produced some of the winning dogs. Alternatively, if you plan to use your beagle for hunting small game then you need to find a breeder that produces quality hunting dogs.

The Value Of An Old Dog Is A Lesson To Us All

Dogs age quietly, gracefully and much as we do. This article brings forth the subtle changes in our dogs from puppy to senior and compares these changes to the ones we all will face one day. Our dogs are a reflection of ourselves which may be why we are so attached.

The Raw Food Diet For Dogs and Pet Food Industry

The Dilemma and Direction of the Pet Food Industry is confronted. It is a multi-faceted contest between Commercial / Mainstream Medical-Minded Companies and Alternative – Health / Raw Food Companies. The New “Alternative” philosophy on the scene is the Raw Food Diet For Dogs.

Petsafe Wireless Containment System Keeps Your Dog Safe

As a pet owner/dog lover, it sometimes seems as though we have an irrational attachment to our pets. In tis article I talk about a Petsafe Wireless Containment System to help keep your dog safe in your yard.

Keep Your Pup Looking Great With Dog Grooming Products

Dog grooming products help you to keep your pup looking good and feeling healthy. Regular grooming is important for all dogs not just because no one likes a smelly pup but also to make sure their fur does not get matted or dirty.

Know the Reasons Why Dogs Bark Excessively

There are a number of dog behavior problems that owners have to deal with but the most embarrassing is the barking problem because it is a bad behavior that affects not only the owner but also the neighborhood. It is normal for dogs to bark from time to time but excessive barking for long periods of time is a public nuisance that could get dog owners into trouble. To be able to stop this embarrassing and annoying behavior, you need to first understand the reasons why dogs bark excessively. You can easily address this barking problem if you know the reasons why.

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